SlashGear Checks out the Notion Ink Adam


One of the Tablets I’ve been anxious to hear news about from CES 2011 is the Notion Ink Adam. Notion Ink has been teasing and promoting for some time now. They’ve taken some hits because no one has seen any real device other than promotional videos and there had been whispers of “vaporware.” They had […]

Notion Ink Shows Off Canvas Drawing App for Adam

Notion Ink continues to show off and tease with videos of its Adam Tablet. This time it’s a drawing and image editing App called Canvas. The blog post says the software is in Alpha and the video only shows off the drawing part. Of course drawing Apps are a big deal when it comes to […]

Notion Ink Video Shows Off File Sniffer App

The folks at Notion Ink sure like showing things off to create interest. They’ve released another video about the Eden UI that will debut on the Notion Ink Adam Tablet sometime early next year. This one is showing off Sniffer, the file management App. You get a rundown in the video of how you can […]

More Notion Ink Adam Video Showing Off Eden

The Apples of Eden? Well, that’s the title of the newest video from the Notion Ink folks showing off the UI from the Adam Tablet. This shorter video also has a Part 1 attached to it, so I expect we’ll see more as they continue to answer critics with videos showing off what the Adam […]