Laptop Security Tips

Lifehacker is featuring an excellent how-to that demonstrates the steps necessary to secure and protect your laptop.  Their tips are broken down into the following phases: Phase One: Lock and Key This phase discusses ways to physically protect your machine from being stolen. Phase Two: Alarms and Security Cameras How to keep an eye on […]

Microsoft Drops Office Ultimate Prices For Students

Microsoft is offering Office Ultimate to students for the unreal price of $59.95. All you need is to have a .edu email address and be registered for at least 0.5 credit hours in case MS decides to come asking for proof of your enrollment for whatever reason. Office Ultimate retails for $679, so this is […]

Colleges Dole Out iPhones to Students

At least four colleges and universities are experimenting with giving iPhones or Internet capable iPods to students, as the institutions take a look at how to communicate with their student bodies. I’m sure this isn’t going to be without controversy. But according to this New York Times article, the University of Maryland, Oklahoma Christian University, […]

Meet the 3rd Generation Classmate PC

>> > jkkmobile has posted this great video of the new Intel Classmate PC from IDF.  They also have a few great shots of the unit from various angles.  The new Classmate PC features a convertible screen with touch capabilities.  Check out additional coverage of IDF 2008. Via jkkmobile. Technorati Tags: Classmate,Intel,IDF

GBM Back to School Tip: Mosquito Ringtones

As an educator in the United States public school system, I am noticing that students are using technology to socialize more than ever.  Text messaging, e-mailing, MySpace, Facebook and cell phones are a few high-tech ways that students stay on top of gossip and often find their way to the principal’s office.  Mosquito ringtones, also […]

ISTE Releases Book Touting Tablet’s Benefits For K-12 Education

Eliot Graff, a former English professor and current programmer and technical writer/editor/blogger has found a new book dealing with tablet PCs and education. The International Society for Technology in Education has released their latest volume titled Tablet PCs in K-12 Education. Being a big proponent of tablet PCs being integrated into secondary educational systems, I’m […]

Lenovo Announces the IdeaPad S10 Netbook

Lenovo has announced their entry in to the red-hot netbook market, the IdeaPad S10, with prices at $399 and $499. This entry looks to be hitting all the sweet spots: price, style, features, size, and performance. I predict that this will be a very popular item and is aiming squarely for Asus’ jugular. The S10 […]

When Will Technology Be Included In Back To School Sales Tax Holidays?

I’m writing this only with knowledge of my state, Virginia, hoping others from other states will fill in if info is different where they live. Today begins Virginia’s Back to School Sales Tax Holiday, where certain school supplies and clothing are exempt from state sales tax. It is usually a big shopping weekend. Other states […]

PDF Annotator Priced For Students

If you have a son or daughter going off to college or if you are in college yourself, don’t miss PDF Annotator for Students for $29.90. It’s the full Version 2 with special pricing for those of us in education. McKay Whitney, a regular site contributor, alerted us to the special pricing this morning. With […]

Tablet PCs in Education Case Studies has an outstanding list of case studies that document schools using Tablet PCs in a variety of settings.  These case studies provide in-depth looks at how students, teachers, administrators, and parents are benefiting from the use of Tablet PCs as integral parts of the curriculum.  The studies are organized by the companies involved and […]

OneNote Toolkit for Teachers Now Available

Microsoft has released a toolkit for teachers that use OneNote, a note-taking, information gathering, and collaboration software package, as part of their curriculum.  According to Microsoft, the toolkit is loaded with goodies you’ll want to share with colleagues and guinea pig students.  The toolkit can be downloaded for free and includes training, how-to articles, videos, […]

Georgia Tech students benefit from tech-based, active learning.

Continuing our series of technology being incorporated into education, Georgia Tech students are benefiting from HP Tablet PCs being used in their studies.  Working with DyKnow software, the Gerogia Tech students shared their thoughts about this unique learning experience.  The DyKnow software package provides greater interaction between students and their instructor than traditional teaching methods. […]

Getting tech into students’ hands.

Loyal GBM reader Steve asks, “Since you. . .seem to have used tablets in education, why aren’t more students carrying these things, and how do we get tablets into their hands?”  As a public high school language arts and communications instructor, I have had many opportunities to implement technology into my lessons.  I have tried […]

HP Deploys 7,000 Mini-Notes to Schools

HP announced today a large scale deployment of the HP 2133 Mini-Note to the Fresno (Calif) United School District. The 7,000 Mini-Notes are going to kids in K-12. ““The HP Mini-Note is a powerful laptop that is small enough to fit on students’ desks along with their textbooks and papers, allowing them access to the […]

DyKnow and Lenovo Partner Up for Education

If there is an area that excites me as much as mobile technology it is education. The potential of marrying up the right technology with different education scenarios like public schools, private schools, cottage schools, home schools, and colleges are tremendous. It looks like Lenovo and DyKnow recognize the same thing, as they have partnered […]

New OneNote Blog Arrives – Education Focused

If the folks on the OneNote team know how to do anything, it is designing great note-taking software and blogging about it OneNote team member Mike Tholfsen just began a new OneNote blog centered around education, entitled “OneNote and Education“. There couldn’t be a better product geared toward students and teachers than OneNote, so the […]

Papyrus Concept: Textbook of the Future?

Ah, concepts. What’s not to love? You can create anything, unconstrained by manufacturing requirements, profit margins, or reality. This e-book concept from Greener Grass has a serious case of great specs and wishful thinking. The designers claim that the device ought to sell for about $100 due to a textbook manufacturer subsidy(?!). For that price, […]

Carnegie-Mellon Develops Tablet PC Math Game

There’s a new Tablet PC math game in town thanks to the folks from Carnegie-Mellon. Unfortunately, I have not found any download links to the software, but I’ll see what I can uncover. From Peninsula On-Line Carnegie Mellon University has developed an innovative Tablet PC based system for learning mathematics through games. The system will […]

WIPTE 2008 in October

I have been to WIPTE the past 2 years and I can say that it’s been a great place to hang out and meet other Tablet PC folks focused on education.  This year’s event has now been scheduled for October 15-16 and information is up on their site. WIPTE is open to anyone with an […]

GottaBeSecure: Black Hat Federal 2008

This week in Washington, DC, many of computer security’s best and brightest minds have gathered to present research and to offer training on the latest attack techniques and network defenses. Patterned after the popular Black Hat Briefings held in Las Vegas every summer, Black Hat Federal is gaining popularity–especially with security professionals in and around […]