Tech Companies Work Together to Pressure Congress on NSA Snooping

One year ago today news of the NSA leaks from Edward Snowden starting filtering into our conscious as they slowly crescendoed into a story that impacted anyone who picks up a smartphone, a tablet, or any device connected via the Internet. Whether you’re one of the cynical set that thinks Snowden simply revealed the kind […]

Apple and Other Techs To Notify Users of Government Data Collection


Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Facebook are changing policies to appear as if they are standing up to the authorities in the wake of revelations of NSA snooping set loose on the world by the Edward Snowden leaks. Each of those large companies, and other smaller players, have, or are about to, change their policies so […]

President Already Looking at Early Options for NSA Revamp

This actually may be a first in terms of a government report arriving ahead of schedule. In the wake of the Edward Snowden leaks about the NSA and data security, the US national security apparatus and political leaders have been scrambling to figure out how to find a balance between national security issues and the […]

Another NSA Story Says Text Messages Being Collected


Call me crazy, but I think it is safe to assume at this point that the NSA is basically gobbling up any piece of data that it can from the Internet, our devices, and any other source that it can. New revelations may give us more specifics, but the only folks out there who haven’t […]

2013 Story of the Year Was Data Security and Privacy


In some years the story of the year is the story of something that happened, was remarked on, and passed into history. In 2013, the big story is not only that, but a story that will be with us going forward in ways that we’re just beginning to understand and come to grips with. The […]

Grading My 2013 Mobile Tech Predictions


This has been such a wacky year for me personally (actually the wackiness began in 2012) that I almost find it hard to believe I made mobile tech predictions for 2013. But I did. So in this post I’ll grade how I think I did before I put on my psychic cap and post my […]

Can We Stop Getting Excited about NSA Data Surveillance Already?


Breathless headlines! Shocking revelations! News that will make your head spin! It seems like every time we see new reporting on any aspect of NSA data surveillance brought about by the Edward Snowden leaks earlier this year, news outlets feel like we ought to be shocked and awed. But honestly, haven’t most of us already […]