New iPad Heat Tests Prove ‘HeatGate’ is a Non-Issue

There has been a bit of talk about the new iPad and how hot it supposedly runs. Some have dubbed it “Heatgate.” Others have poked fun at it. And now, we have some proof that the heat given off by the iPad isn’t unusual at all and is, in fact, on par with other tablets […]

Android 4.0 for Eee Pad Transformer Hitting U.S. Tomorrow

Android 4.0 for Eee Pad Transformer Rolling Out Tomorrow

Earlier today, Asus announced that Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich would hit its Eee Pad Transformer starting today. In Taiwan. Other countries would see it soon after. Well, luckily for you owners in the United States, the company wasn’t kidding. Asus’ Twitter account has confirmed that the Android 4.0 update for the U.S. version of […]

This Is Why I Love Asus


I have never owned a single product from Asus. Not a  Eee Pad Transformer Prime. Not an Eee Pad Transformer. Not a monitor. Not a motherboard. Nothing. And the funny thing is, I absolutely love them – at least from a customer standpoint. The way they treat their customers honestly makes me wish that my […]

Asus Transformer Prime Locked Bootloader Incites Backlash

Asus Transformer Prime

It appears that Asus is in the midst of some serious backlash from Eee Pad Transformer Prime owners as the device has been discovered to have a locked and encrypted bootloader. Needless to say, this has greatly angered the development community, so much so, that owners have begun petitioning the company to unlock the bootloader […]

Asus Announces Transformer Prime, But Is It Priced Too High?


After having made a brief cameo in Asia, the Transformer Prime is now officially announced by Asus. The slate will come with an updated quad-core Tegra 3 chipset and a higher entry price point of $500, up by $100 from the original Transformer, and is due in December for shipment, contrary to earlier rumors that […]

Tablet Gift Guide – 6 Best Devices for the 2011 Holiday Season

Nook Tablet

2011 has undoubtedly been the year of the tablet. From the millions of  iPad 2s sold, to the fall of the HP TouchPad, to the impending rise of Amazon’s Kindle Fire, slates have dominated technology headlines throughout the course of the year. And while the growth of the tablet market is good for (some of) […]

Tegra 3 Brains Revealed in Transformer Prime Teardown


Along with the FCC filing with Asus’ forthcoming Eee Pad Transformer Prime, teardown photos reveal that the next-generation Transformer Android tablet will ship with a quad-core NVIDIA Tegra 3 chipset, which is also known by its codename as Kal-el. According to Wireless Goodness, the FCC teardown photos, which reveal the internal components of the tablet, […]

Asus Finally Unveils Transformer Prime Ice Cream Sandwich Tablet


At the AsiaD conference, Asus head Jonney Shih finally fessed up about the company’s next generation Asus Eee Pad Transformer successor, in which Shih calls the Transformer Prime. The device, like the Google smartphone called the Galaxy Nexus by Samsung, will run on the next-generation Android Ice Cream Sandwich platform, which will be the first […]

Asus Remains Committed to Transformer 2 Tablet

Amidst heated competition in both pricing and specs from Amazon’s announcement of its dual-core $200 Kindle Fire touchscreen tablet that runs a heavily skinned version of the Android operating system, Asus, which had gained fame for the success of its Transformer tablet, remains committed to the Transformer 2. The Transformer successor will up the ante […]

Android, Eee Pad Transformer Help Asus Grow Profits


While the PC industry is slowing down, Asus is buckling the trend thanks in part to its Android division and its flagship Eee Pad Transformer tablet, which comes at a more affordable price when compared to product offerings from its rivals and also has a unique laptop dock. For the Spring quarter, the company posted […]

Netflix Support Arrives for Asus Eee Pad Transformer

Eee Pad Transformer

We absolutely love the Asus Eee Pad Transformer but one thing that has been missing is the lack of support for Netflix.As it stands, the only Honeycomb tablets with Netflix certification are the Lenovo IdeaPad K1 and ThinkPad Tablet but that doesn’t mean that a little sideloading can’t be done. Today though, an update rolled […]

Kevin’s Mobile Trio of Tech: Notebook, Tablet and Phone

My Trio of Tech

Many of us have a trinity of mobile devices that we use on a regular basis: often a notebook, a tablet and a smart phone. I use a couple of notebooks, one primary tablet and two smart phones, all of which make up Kevin’s Trio of Tech. Notebook Computer: 15″ Apple MacBook Pro If you […]

Asus Eee Pad Transformer 2 Might Be First Kal-El Tablet

Eee Pad Transformer

Just a short time ago, Asus chief Jonney Shih confirmed that a sequel to his company’s wildly popular Eee Pad Transformer was on the way. He revealed no details other than to say that the device was going to be “impressive.” It has been rumored that the Eee Pad Transformer 2 would be outfitted with […]

Asus Confirms Eee Pad Transformer 2

Eee Pad Transformer

We really love the Asus Eee Pad Transformer and that’s why we were extremely excited when we heard that the sequel could be arriving at some point in October with a Tegra 3 quad-core processor. And now, we’re over the moon because it looks like this rumor could very well become a reality after Asus […]

Asus Eee Pad Transformer Android 3.2 Update Rolling Out Tomorrow

Android 3.2

We knew that Asus was in the middle of testing the Android 3.2 Honeycomb update for the Eee Pad Transformer and that meant that a release was close. How close? Well, Asus just announced that it will be rolling out the latest version of Honeycomb to its popular tablet starting tomorrow, July 28th, and even […]

Netflix Support Arrives for Rooted Asus Eee Pad Transformers


Own an Asus Eee Pad Transformer Honeycomb tablet? A rooted one? Want to enjoy Netflix on it? If you’ve answered yes to all of these questions, you have come to the right place because there is now a way to get Netflix up and running on your rooted Eee Pad Transformer this very minute. XDA-Developers […]

ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Updated, but Not With 3.2

ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Android Tablet with Keyboard Dock

My ASUS Eee Pad Transformer just received an Over the Air update. Seeing the download in progress left me giddy with hopes that Honeycomb 3.2 was on the way to my Transformer, but upon a reboot ASUS disappointed me. When the update was complete I did find some changes including a new V5.1.50 Wi-Fi version […]

ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Android 3.2 Update Rolling Out Soon

ASUS Eee Pad Transformer

Yesterday, the Motorola Xoom Android 3.2 Honeycomb update started trickling out as owners of other Honeycomb tablets watched in jealously. Well, at least one of those tablets will be getting the boost to Android 3.2 in the near future as ASUS has announced today that its Honeycomb tablet, the Eee Pad Transformer will be getting […]