How to Turn Off Severe Weather Alerts on the Galaxy S5

How to use the Galaxy S5 Camera

If you’re like me you’ve probably been shocked or woke up in the middle of the night by your Samsung Galaxy S5 making some awfully loud noises and vibrating like it had turned into a Transformer. Most likely you just received a severe weather alert or emergency notification. They’re good to have, but you may […]

How to Get Severe Weather Alerts on Your iPhone

weather alerts

When a big storm is coming your way, here’s how you can get notified on your iPhone so that you can be prepared when it hits your area. More often than not, you check the weather frequently to see if it’s going to rain or thunderstorm in your area during the day, so you’re usually […]

AT&T Can’t Push iPhone Emergency Alerts Over 4G LTE

iPhone Emergency Alert AT&T

AT&T can’t deliver emergency alerts to the iPhone 5 and other smartphones on its 4G LTE network according to All Things D. As people in the Northeast prepare for Winter Storm Nemo many received emergency notifications about the blizzard on their smartphones. Photos of the message flooded Twitter as soon as it appeared on iPhones […]