Parce Marries Smart Outlet with Nest’s Simplicity


At its core, the Parce One is a smart energy plug that you connect to your home wall outlet, and from there you can plug your appliances and gadgets into to charge. The beauty about the Parce One is that not only can you control your appliances by turning them on or off remotely as […]

Top 9 Earth Day Gadgets: Save Energy, Save Money, Save The Earth


Earth Day is probably the one day out of the year that most people think about the environment, so make it count. Snag a gadget that will make your home more energy-efficient, keep your mobile gadgets powered, or don’t add to the horror of landfills. While you’re at it, do a little spring cleaning and […]

Nest Learning Thermostat Cuts Energy Use, Looks Awesome, Has Apps

Nest Learning Thermostat

A thermostat shouldn’t excite me this much, but I can’t help but want the new Nest Learning Thermostat. Designed by the former iPod creator, the Nest Learning Thermostat looks great, but that’s not why I am so excited about our heating and cooling future. The $250 programmable thermostat ditches the hard to navigate and program […]

Netbooks Brighten Energy Star


It appears that netbook popularity is flowing into Energy Star, a joint venture between the EPA and U.S. Department of Energy that helps consumers make informed energy choices.   Presently, Energy Star’s searchable computer database only yields three categories: Workstation, Notebook/Tablet, and Desktop.   This PDF File (text version) seems to show an Energy Star […]