Motion Computing Talks Enterprise Tablets and Productivity

Motion CL900 Tablet

AT CES 2012 we caught up with Mike Stinson, the Vice President of Marketing for Motion Computing, a Tablet PC manufacturer known for rugged and work friendly tablets. We’ve looked at how company’s like SAP are expanding tools and deploying Android tablets and the iPad into the Enterprise segment, but sometimes a consumer tablet just won’t cut […]

Not-So Big Surprise: Users Abandoning RIM At Alarming Rate

BlackBerry faithful abandoning RIM

According to InfoWorld, research conducted by Enterprise Management Associates reveals that 30% of BlackBerry users working for companies that employ 10,000 or more people plan to ditch the phones sometime in the next year. That’s a significant chunk of the core base heading for iPhone, Android, or (Gozer help them) Windows Mobile. It will put […]

Why the Motorola Pro+ Is Not Enough to Woo BlackBerry Users


Though the Motorola Pro+ is an attractive evolution of the original Droid Pro (and the GSM Motorola Pro and Sprint MOTOROLA XPRT) design, the device still lacks the ease of use to attract BlackBerry users to switch. Unlike BlackBerry smartphones, which used to use the ‘pearl’ or trackball and have now switched to a trackpad, […]

Tablets at Work: State of the Tablet Infographic

tablet use in business infographic

The iPad and new Android tablets are joining the various special Tablet PCs which have been in enterprises for years to form a new workplace that is embracing the tablet with amazing speed. A new infographic from SocialCast gathers an impressive array of information about tablet use in the workplace into an interesting infographic. Some of the […]

HP Pulls an Apple: Gives TouchPad to Sales Team to Sell More TouchPad


HP may be taking a page from Apple’s playbook by doling out TouchPads to its sales team for use, which would hopefully showcase webOS’s features to enterprise IT customers who may want to buy those tablets and deploy them in their own organizations. The TouchPad will be used by HP’s own sales team to communicate […]

AT&T Bringing Cisco Cius Android Tablet to Market This Fall


AT&T will be helping Google’s Android platform make a strong push for the enterprise market come this fall when the Cisco Cius tablet will be launched with its corporate push. Aside from the enterprise-driven communications features of the Cius, which will come pre-loaded with Cisco’s collaboration suite and come with video conferencing with Cisco TelePresence […]

Sprint Announces Motorola XPRT

Motorola XPRT front facing low-res homescreen

The Motorola XPRT is an enterprise-focused Android smartphone aimed at luring BlackBerry owners to the more consumer-centric mobile operating system. The device will be compatible on Sprint’s 3G CDMA/EV-DO network and is similar to the Verizon Wireless Motorola Droid Pro or the global GSM Motorola Pro handsets, which features a 3.1-inch touchscreen and a BlackBerry-style […]

BlackBerry Balance Released to Help Corporate Users Achieve Work, Life Balance

BlackBerry Balance 2 BlackBerry Balance Separates Enterprise and Personal Data

BlackBerry Balance is now released with the goal of helping enterprise users merge theircorporate and personal smartphones into one single, unified BlackBerry device. The app’s purpose is to help users maintain a secure smartphone while still allowing for the more playful and fun things to do on your phone–like accessing Gmail and Facebook apps–possible without […]

iPad Used as Teleprompter by Hollywood Entertainment News Show


Warner had talked about an iOS app used as a teleprompter and a tool for actors to rehearse and memorize lines, I discovered in Los Angeles, California at an outdoors shooting of the entertainment news show Extra, the iPad was used by production crew to help actors with their lines. The entertainment news show was […]

Motorola Rumored to Launch Rugged Enterprise Android Tablet


After having launched the world’s first Android 3.0 Honeycomb consumer tablet, Motorola is gearing up to tackle the enterprise space with a rugged tablet running the Android operating system and a complementing stylus for signature capture, similar to the HTC Flyer, which is getting branded as the HTC EVO View 4G for Sprint’s wireless network. […]

Beta BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing App Helps with Conference Calls

BlackBerry Conferencing 1 BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing App by RIM Adds New Calendar Options

A new beta BlackBerry app called BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing helps to simplify the process of dialing into a conference calls with access codes. The app integrates nicely with the native BlackBerry calendar and once the scheduled conference call is to happen, users can hit the ‘join now’ button and be automatically patched into the conference […]

Dell exec claims iPad too expensive for enterprise. Sounds familiar…


In an interview with CIO Australia, Dell head of enterprise marketing, Andy Lark, described the iPad as being too expensive for the enterprise market due to the closed nature of the platform and the added costs of peripherals, claiming it can run up to $1600. Funny thing is, Dell’s own enterprise tablet started 50% higher.

Samsung Eyes BlackBerry, Droid Pro with Android Galaxy Pro

Galaxy Pro

Now that Android smartphone-makers have conquered the consumer-centric market with large glossy touchscreens, Samsung is following Motorola’s lead by targeting enterprise customers with the Galaxy Pro, an Android-powered handset with a front-facing QWERTY keyboard that will aid in messaging and composing longer emails. Unlike the more vanilla nature of Motorola’s customizations through the widgets-based UI […]

Motion Computing Brings Intel Core i3 to C5v TabletPC

Screen shot 2011-02-21 at 1.21.33 PM

Motion Computing has just released an update to its enterprise-targeted C5 line of tablets in the form of the C5v, which brings a lower cost Intel Core i3 option to the slate. Previous models of the C5 line use the Intel Core i5 or i7 processor, and the addition of Core i3 support will provide […]

VMware Demonstrates Virtualization on an Android Smartphone


At Mobile World Congress, VMware was demonstrating its virtualization technology on an Android smartphone, which allows multiple smartphone operating systems to be run simultaneously at the same time, not to be confused with a dual-boot solution that boots into either operating system separately. This will allow users to have their personal smartphone also serve as […]

Motorola i1Q Will Be a Rugged Droid Pro for Sprint Nextel?

Motorola i1q

It looks like Motorola may be making deeper pushes into the space led by RIM. After Motorola had released the Motorola Droid Pro (review forthcoming) for Verizon Wireless late last year with a front-facing keyboard and enterprise enhancements targeted at business BlackBerry-toting customers, the company may be releasing a rugged follow-up to Sprint Nextel’s iDEN […]

HP Slate 500 Heading to Enterprise


Word is bouncing around the Internet this afternoon that the still mysterious, still largely unconfirmed but getting closer to being confirmed HP Slate 500 is not going to be a consumer device but instead (wait for it…) heading to the Enterprise channel. Todd Bradley, HP’s Personal Systems Group Vice President, apparently spilled the beans at […]