Free Xbox Live Gold Coming This Weekend for US and Canada Gamers

Xbox Live

Microsoft announced this morning that Xbox gamers will be able to take advantage of free Xbox Live Gold this weekend, allowing users with only a Silver membership to experience some of the benefits that a Gold subscription offers, and the company hopes to bring some gamers over the paying side once they see all the […]

Xbox One Media Remote Leaks with March 4 Release Date

Xbox One Media Remote

We all remember that the Xbox 360 came with a media remote that gamers could use to control their Xbox consoles when watching movies and using apps, but the Xbox One has yet to see such an accessory. However, Amazon’s Canadian website has leaked a media remote for the new console with a release date […]

How to Use Your Logitech Harmony Remote with Xbox One


On the day that the Xbox One was officially launched, Logitech announced that its Harmony line of universal remote controls will work with the new gaming console, allowing you to fully control your Xbox One using a traditional TV remote control method. This can come especially in handy when you use your Xbox One for […]

Plantronics BackBeat Go Bluetooth Headphones: Perfect Tablet Companion

Plantronics Backbeat Go at Work

Tablets like the iPad are great for consuming content, but it can be difficult to find a comfortable position or listen without bothering other users while confined to traditional wired headphones. I watch a lot of TV shows and movies on my iPad and on various Android tablets, but until I was able to use […]

Why I’m Jailbreaking My iPhone 4S, but Not My iPad 2

don't jailbreak iPad 2 Time Warner

Last week the iPhone 4S jailbreak finally arrived, and along with it, the ability to jailbreak the iPad 2. All of these A5 powered Apple devices can now be jailbroken to run all kinds of apps and tweaks Apple won’t allow. As soon as the iPhone 4S jailbreak tool was available I jailbroke my iPhone to share […]

15 Back to School iPad Apps

Evernote Peek Turns iPad Into a Study Tool

For students heading off to school in the next few days and weeks, toting an iPad might make you the envy of the class. It also ensures that you have some great tools to make the Dean’s List. There are numerous free apps for those on a budget, as well as excellent paid apps that […]

iPad Used as Teleprompter by Hollywood Entertainment News Show


Warner had talked about an iOS app used as a teleprompter and a tool for actors to rehearse and memorize lines, I discovered in Los Angeles, California at an outdoors shooting of the entertainment news show Extra, the iPad was used by production crew to help actors with their lines. The entertainment news show was […]

Oprah’s Life-Changing Gadget Revealed

Whether you’re a fan of Oprah or not, you might want to check out Friday’s episode.  Tomorrow Oprah will reveal to the masses her favorite gadget.  She describes this gadget in this promo video as “life changing,” “the most amazing thing,” and “the wave of the future.” Here are a few guesses what her favorite […]

Steve Ballmer Is In Hint Mode: Zune Coming to Windows Mobile

Steve Ballmer is tossing hints around on all sorts of things these days. He recently told us there would be a new cloud version of Windows, and now he’s broadcasting that the Zune software will be coming to Windows Mobile. No time frame on that, but it sure seems like Steve wants to let a […]

Pandora Needs Some Help

If you’re a fan of Internet Radio or streaming music, or just a fan of Pandora (I’m a fan of all three) then you might want to heed a call from Pandora for some help. Pandora (and other companies that fall into this category) find themselves caught in a real squeeze play and, of course, […]

Are PMPs Heading to MID Land?

I’m saying yes. Steve ““Chippy” Paine has been looking over investor presentations and points out that Portable Media Player (PMP) manufacturer, Archos, sees PMPs morphing into MIDs over the next two years. That only makes sense to me, simply because I continue to see much of the small mobile device push focusing on consuming media. […]

Nokia Ships N96 iPhone Competitor

Fresh into the delivery trucks is the Nokia N96, a new mobile entertainment and Internet device.  According to the Nokia Press Release, the N96 offers the most personalized mobile Internet experience to date.  The lines have truly blurred between phone, entertainment device, and MID.  I just want to know when I can really shave with […]

AudioBooks vs. eBooks: What’s Your Druthers?

I’m an avid reader. I’ll read anything I can get my hands or my ears around. In fact, reading is one of my preferred methods of relaxation. It is also something I have to do every day for my job. I’ve enjoyed reading eBooks on mobile devices and I’ve also enjoyed audio books as well. […]

Magazines Go Mobile with Mygazines

Having content that you enjoy available when you’re mobile can fill lots of downtime.  Mygazines, a web site that features complete print magazines and articles, can keep you entertained for hours.  According to their web site, Mygazines offers unlimited magazine articles that readers are free to browse, share, and archive.  Articles and complete magazines are […]

MobileDemand xTablet Tablet PC Stars on Wanna Bet

MobileDemand’s xTablet seems to have a problem with gambling. First, it makes a mysterious appearance in Vegas during CES 2008; and now, it has taken over ABC’s new game show, Wanna Bet. Tune in Monday evenings, at 8pm Central Time on ABC, to watch the celebrity panel use the xTablet to record their bets. Should […]

NFL To Experiment With Streaming Games Over Web

This will make my wife happy, and I imagine quite a few other wives as well. The NFL is going to experiment this season with streaming games over the web on Sunday nights. The announcement is due to come on Monday and Michael Learmouth of Silicon Alley Insider is linking to a Wall Street Journal […]

HP TouchSmart Now Available at Traditional Big Box Stores

You know that awesome touch-enabled TouchSmart PC that Sierra brought us news and video on from Berlin? Well, HP today announced you can now go “touch” it at traditional consumer electronic stores. Pricing starts at $1299. HP today announced that the latest HP TouchSmart PCs — the only touch-enabled, all-in-one PCs in the marketplace — […]

GBM InkShow: Gathering Around the HP HDX Dragon

We’ve been talking about the HP HDX Dragon for quite a while on, so we thought it was time to give a little review of this mobile entertainment powerhouse. Now, we know that a notebook computer this size is normally out of our coverage area and it pushes the envelope with the whole "mobile" […]