Sony’s New Digital Shift For Entertainment

This is not really mobile in the way we usually cover things here, but I find it an intriguing move by Sony to post here. This summer Sony is going to start distributing “live” events digitally to movie theatres. Broadway shows, sports events, and concerts will be presented simultaneously in movie theatres. The goal is to […]

Zune 2.5 Released, Microsoft Expanding Media Deliverables

Microsoft is continuing to build upon the Zune service with a new software release that brings television shows to its video offerings, as well as other software enhancements. Launch your Zune software to get prompted for the new update. I’ll be doing the same later today. By the way, we are experimenting with some podcast […]

Chippy Explores Digital TV on UMPCs

Steve “Chippy” Paine has been taking a look at digital TV on UMPCs and is looking ahead to what that might mean for MIDs. He’s put up a couple of posts (here and here) that chronicle his experiences and they make for some interesting reading. He’s not talking about TV over broadband but instead using a […]

Where and How Do You Prefer To Watch Your Movies?

Yesterday Apple surprised no one with their announcement that they would now make new movie releases available on iTunes the same day as the DVD release. That will certainly have an impact on NetFlix and Blockbuster, not to mention the postal service. In the continuing evolution of mobile entertainment we already have witnessed the decline of […]

PMP my Pico-Projector

A few weeks ago Warner got excited about pico-projectors, those ultra-small projectors designed to be integrated into small devices. Although many of these pico-projectors have been demo’d at events like CES, there has been little news about productization. Today, Display Daily reports from the Hong Kong Electronics Fair that “Sunlink International Holdings and iView Limited […]

How About an e-Book Reader with a Touch Screen

NedZad Mujcinovic’s concept for a multi-touch screen e-Book reader makes so much sense, that I would imagine companies interested in the market are already working on their own. Doing away with buttons and relying on a touch screen, especially if there is multi-touch, just seems like a no-brainer way to go. Another nice feature of […]

Microsoft Revisits The Zune A Day Giveaway

Microsoft is once again giving Zunes away, one per day. You can head over to the Zune A Day Giveaway page for all the details. This looks to be tied into a promotion for Windows Live Hotmail Mobile, but you can also use an existing Hotmail account or Windows Live ID. I picked this up […]

The Lines Continue To Blur With Small Mobile Devices

We’ve talked in the past about the blurring lines (and horrible branding) when it comes to mobile devices like MIDs, UMPCs, and the like. It looks like those blurry lines are going to continue to become even more fuzzy from the Personal Media Player (PMP) sector. Electronista is reporting that Archos is readying a new […]

Get the Scoop on Intel MIDs

Rob and I just got done talking with Pankaj Kedia with the Intel Ultra Mobility Group about the wealth of new MID devices being introduced at CES 2008. Intel has 10 partners who are announcing products here at CES, all based on the new Menlow low-power platform. In the Intel showcase there are MIDs from […]

Are You Ready For Movie Rentals Online?

This has been rumored, hoped for, and forecast for some time now and it looks like it is going to come to pass. The Financial Times is reporting that Apple is going to start “renting” movies on line through its iTunes store. Apparently an announcement is scheduled for MacWorld in a few weeks, so you […]

Is the Cowon Q5W a PMP or a MID or a UMPC?

Interesting. Very interesting. We’re seeing quite a few devices that at first glance appear to be yet another portable media player, but on digging further seem to have quite a bit more functionality, perhaps pushing them closer to MID or UMPC land. Is the Cowon Q5W one of those devices? I’m not sure, but for […]

Anyone Going to Give the Amazon Kindle a Read?

Newsweek has more details on Amazon’s Kindle device and service, which begins shipping tomorrow for $399. Looks very similar to a Tablet PC and UMPC, huh? I doubt it supports ink, but it sure would have been nice. Like Scoble, I wish Microsoft would have gotten their Tablet PC team on to this. It screams tablet. Oh […]

Juice Up Your Gear With An Onion and Gatorade

Ok, maybe you aren’t into the whole solar charging game, but you’re still looking for a more natural way to juice up your gear and save a few energy cycles. I posted this on my personal blog last night, but thought GBM Readers might want to take a look at this as well. I’m not sure […]

Attack of the E-Book Readers is gearing up to release its Kindle E-Book Reader on Monday. Seiko Epson is readying their E-Book reader and we’ve also heard news recently from CyBook. Of course not a week goes by without hearing about Sony’s reader. There is obviously a market here, but I’m not in it for a couple of reasons. I’d rather […]

Christopher O’Riley Tickles the Ivory with a Tablet PC

Check out this PBS video of pianist Christopher O’Riley playing at Carnegie Hall with three children in “From the Top“. From what I can tell, he’s using a Toshiba Tablet PC. Very cool! I like how he flips the screen around so the keyboard part is in the back. I do that quite a bit […]

Zune Updates Coming November 13

I just got an email notification from the Microsoft Zune team that the updated Zune software will be hitting on November 13th for all of us Zune 1.0 owners. Here are more details Beginning November 13, Zune ® will be providing service and software updates for your device and your PC. The updates will be […]

Using a UMPC to Listen to Internet Radio

Over at the Origami Project forums Kurt has an interesting blog post on how to use an Ultra Mobile PC to listen to Internet radio. The post covers everything from streaming to Codecs, to how to optimize your UMPC for listening. So if you’re looking to turn your UMPC into a portable radio you might […]

The Archos 605 WiFi Portable Media Player

Talk of Mobile media and Mobile entertainment these days on the pages of (and elsewhere) usually centers around Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch, the Zune, and what you can do with media on UMPCs using either the Origami Experience or Windows Media Center. But there are other mobile solutions out there that offer some […]

jkkmobile Demos WebGuide on a UMPC

I’ve never heard of WebGuide before. It is a web based add-on for Media Center that allows you to control your Media Center remotely over the web. In this video jkkmobile demonstrates WebGuide on a UMPC. And guess what? The add-on is free. > Tags: WebGuide, Mobile, Media+Center

Apple Changes Its Tune About DRM-Free Pricing

In the wake of competition from and WalMart, Apple changed its tune on pricing for iTunes Plus music. iTunes Plus offered DRM-free music and higher quality audio files for $1.29 a song versus the $.99 price for those encumbered with copy protection. Now Apple is offering the Plus catalog (which now includes more Indie […]