Could a Unibody Ceramic Enclosure Make Its Way to 2013’s Budget iPhone?


With Apple rumored to be releasing two new iPhone models this year, a budget entry-level model and a flagship iPhone 5S, it is now rumored that the iPhone-maker may be looking at ceramic for the body of the low-cost iPhone model. Rather than the plastic shell that’s been previously rumored for an entry-level 2013 iPhone […]

Second Low-Cost iPhone for Fall to Bring In High Profits for Apple


Despite targeting the more entry-level market with a rumored second new iPhone that will debut this fall alongside a flagship iPhone 5S with more powerful specs, Apple is speculated to still make a lot of money on this low-cost model. In true Apple fashion, Credit Suisse analysts say that Apple should have a healthy and […]

Huawei Ascend II is An Android Handset That’s Hard to Beat


While most consumers are now familiar with some flagship–and high-end–Android smartphones fro major carriers, there are still a few budget handsets that surprise us based on the features that they pack at the price that they target. The last of such handset was the LG Optimus One, with variants such as the Sprint Optimus S […]