Epson Enters Wristband Market with Pulsense Fitness Lineup

2014-01-07 19.19.43

More and more companies are getting in on the fitness wristband fad, including printer manufacturer Epson, which has announced the Pulsense fitness wristband lineup, which includes two models: one with a small display and one without. The wristbands use Epson’s patented Bio sensing technology that detects continuous heart rate directly from the wrist, using a sensor on […]

Epson Moverio BT-200 Is Google Glass for Both Eyes


Epson is mostly well-known for its printers, but the company has been dabbling in wearable devices for some time now. Here at CES 2014, Epson is showing off the second-generation of its Moverio smartglasses, officially dubbed Moverio BT-200. These glasses could essentially be compared to Google Glass, but instead of having the single display for […]

Epson iPrint Now Available for Non-iDevices (That is, Android)

Epson iPrint app for Android

As much as certain former CEOs touted the idea that we’re in a Post-PC world, anyone who has ever tried to use their mobile device as a productivity tool will tell you that PCs are still very much a necessity. Especially if documents rule your working life. Printing from mobile devices isn’t as easy, seamless, […]

Pogoplug Biz, Wireless Extender Now Shipping


Pogoplug announced the availability of the Pogoplug Biz and the PogoPlug WiFi Adapter. The Pogoplug Biz is a device aimed at small business that allows them to create a data cloud that can be accessed by clients. The wireless extender allows any PogoPlug to hop on a Wi-Fi network rather than having to stay within […]