Ergotron WorkFit-P Sit-Stand Workstation

ergotron workfit p sit stand workstation

*+-The sedentary lifestyle of most computer users continues to produce an unhealthy workforce, but the Ergotron WorkFit-P Sit-Stand Workstation can help reverse the trend. Ergotron’s standing desks put people on their feet, helping them become more fit through burning calories and straightening curved spines that suffer the stress of sitting all day. Thanks to this […]

Sit Stand iMac Desk Doesn’t Need a VESA Adapter

The Workfit A iMac desk in use.

*+-Ergotron’s new WorkFit A Sit-Stand Workstation is a sit stand desk designed for Apple users who want a better way to work while using an iMac. This arm attaches to an existing desk and allows more range of motion so that users can work while sitting or standing, for better posture and better overall health. […]

Everything you Need to Know About iPad Ergonomics

iPad Ergonomic

*+-The iPad is an incredibly popular gadget, selling more than 15 million last quarter. It turns out that the millions of iPads in our hands can put a strain on our shoulders, necks and backs — in addition to your wallet. In a recent study by Microsoft and the US Department of Environmental Health, researchers found […]

Morning Wrapup: Samsung RV511 Review, Standing Desks & USB Modems

Standing Desk Measurments

*+-This morning we have a collection of news from Notebooks including a review of the $550 Samsung RV511 notebook with a lot of features, measurements, benefits and examples of Standing desks, an AMD ultraportable roundup and an interesting look at which method consumers prefer to get online while on the go. The standing desk is something that everyone should give a […]

Ergotron WorkFit C Stand Up Desk Reviewed


*+-I’ve been standing up to work a lot more lately in an effort improve my health. I recently reviewed the Ergotron Workfit S, a system that clamps onto any normal desk. I really enjoy using it, but it does make having a normal desk kind of pointless. Enter the Ergotron Workfit C, a self-contained standing […]

The Ergotron Workfit S is Saving My Back


*+-The past several years of hunching over keyboards and staring at small displays for hours on end has been very painful. As I wrote last month, I’m taking steps to improve my posture and overall health. Someone at Ergotron read one of my articles, sent over a bunch of info about how unhealthy it is […]

Geek Lifestyle is Painful, But I’m Turning it Around


*+-I’ve spent the past couple of weeks recuperating from a back strain. I didn’t lift anything too heavy or perform any strenuous activities. I simply tried to stand up after spending a couple of hours working on my notebook on my couch. The simple act of standing brought me to my knees and I spent the […]