Google’s Eric Schmidt Offers Guide to Switch from iPhone to Android


*+-Lots of smartphones are sold during the holiday period. Of course lots of smartphones are sold during the rest of the year as well. I don’t know what the statistics are, but I would guess that during the holiday buying season some would switch from one platform to another. Google’s Eric Schmidt, unsurprisingly, thinks this […]

White Moto X Spotted at Event for Tech’s Top Business Leaders

Business Leaders Meet In Sun Valley, Idaho For Allen And Co. Annual Conference

*+-Google CEO Eric Schmidt is already using the upcoming Moto X, giving us some of the best photos of the phone so far . Italian site Corriera recently posted photos of Google chairman Eric Schmidt using the upcoming Motorola smartphone, showing off some of the phone’s design. The phone doesn’t look much different from recent […]

Eric Schmidt: Talking to Your Google Glass is ‘Weird’

*+-In describing the experience of dictating voice command to the Project Glass wearable computing device, Google’s former CEO and current chairman Eric Schmidt says that it’s “the weirdest thing.” Schmidt’s comments were made during a talk at the Harvard University Kennedy School of Government, Reuters reported. Schmidt also concedes that new rules and social norms would […]

Google Chairman Talks Facebook Home, Samsung Relationship

Eric Schmidt Dive Into Mobile

*+-While on stage at D: Dive Into Mobile, Google chairman Eric Schmidt said he loves Facebook Home. He also said that Google has a good relationship with Samsung, despite recent rumors. When an attendee asked Schmidt about Facebook Home the chairman said he loves the alternative launcher because it’s “what open source is about.” He went […]

Google’s Schmidt: “Tablet of Highest Quality” In 6 Months


*+-According to a report from Notebook Italia (linked to by Slashgear) Google’s Eric Schmidt is promising “in the next six months we plan to market a tablet of the highest quality.”  He was quoted in an interview with the Italian paper Corrierre della Sea. He’s also promising that voice recognition will be a big part […]

Eric Schmidt: Motorola Won’t Get Any Preferential Treatment


*+-When Google announced that it was buying Motorola Mobility back in August, many wondered whether Motorola would get special treatment now it was owned by the purveyor of Android, the software that runs on Motorola’s smartphones and tablets. At the time the deal was announced Google dismissed that notion and now it’s Eric Schmidt who […]

Eric Schmidt: Android Ice Cream Sandwich Coming in October or November

Ice Cream Sandwich

*+-At the Dreamforce Conference in San Francisco, Eric Schmidt let a little something slip out about the release window for Google’s upcoming Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system. According to Schmidt, the operating system will be coming out at some point in October or November which lines up with what we had heard in the […]

In the Plex Worth a Read To Understand Some of the Google Mojo


*+-The Interwebs are full of bloggers and reporters divining what goes on inside the technology corporations, startups, and minds of those who run them. Occasionally we get a glimpse of what is really going on, but usually we’re left to read between the lines. I just finished reading by Steven Levy, and it is one […]

Top 20 Tech Stories of 2010: The Good, the Bad, and Some Ugly


*+-It’s list making time. And here is my list for the biggest stories in 2010. There are 20 stories here, some good, some bad, and some ugly. But these are the stories that I think 2010 will be remembered for, or rather those behind the stories will be remembered for. Later this week, I’ll have […]

Eric Schmidt Says Chrome OS is for Keyboards Andorid is for Touch


*+-In a repeat of a repeat attempting to salvage what many think is probably already one innovation too late, Eric Schmidt is trying to clarify how Google’s Chrome OS fits into the grand scheme of things in today’s mobile tech world. Simply put he’s repeating statements made earlier that Google’s Chrome OS is for devices […]

Schmidt Resigns from Apple Board after FCC Starts Inquiry


*+-Timing is everything and whether or not Eric Schmidt resigned from Apple’s Board of Directors because of the FCC starting an inquiry over the Apple pulling the Google Voice apps and not allowing Google’s own app for Google Voice to go forward or not, this will always look like their is a cause and effect. […]