Moto X Coming to Europe Next Month

Moto X

The Moto X is already a huge hit in the US, Canada and Latin America, but Motorola’s flagship phone is now heading across the pond into Europe. According to CNET, the unlocked Moto X will go on sale in the UK for £380, and will hit France and Germany for 399 euros starting on February […]

Frugal Europeans Threaten iPhone Market Share


A trend towards more frugal consumption in Europe may threaten sales and market share behind Apple’s flagship iPhone smartphone, a phone that helped to define the modern smartphone since it debuted in 2007. France Telecom CEO Stephane Richard spoke candidly about his concerns about Apple’s premium pricing model for the iPhone in an interview with Bloomberg. […]

HTC: HTC Deluxe DLX Phablet Not Coming to Europe


It looks like the leaked HTC Deluxe (DLX) phablet with a 5-inch display that was previously leaked won’t be arriving in Europe after all according to a Facebook posting by HTC Germany. The HTC Deluxe, which was also known by its codename of HTC DLX, appears to be a close cousin of the Japan-only HTC […]

iPhone 5’s Lightning to micro USB Cable Only Available for Europe


Apple had announced that more Lightning cables and adapters were forthcoming at a media event on September 12th that debuted the company’s next-generation flagship iPhone 5. In addition to what was announced, Apple also has a small micro USB to Lightning adapter that will allow users to use their existing micro USB cables–which are used […]

Iconia Tab A510 With Tegra 3 Expected in Europe in April at €500


Acer is expected to make its second quad-core tablet, the Iconia Tab A510, in Europe starting in April for the price of €500. The tablet will follow Acer’s more premium Iconia Tab A700. Though both devices feature a quad-core Tegra 3 processor and a 10.1-inch display, the Iconia Tab A700 ups the resolution to a 1080p […]

Samsung Formally Announces Galaxy R


Previously rumored as the Galaxy Z, Samsung has officially announced a lower-cost high-end alternative to its Android flagship Galaxy S II smartphone known as the Galaxy R. The Galaxy R will be powered by a dual-core chip, presumably the NVIDIA Tegra 2, instead of the Galaxy S II’s dual-core Exynos CPU, and will pack in […]

Nokia Slashes Smartphone Prices in Europe to Stem Market Share Decline


Nokia is cutting the prices of its smartphone in Europe in an effort to mitigate the company’s declining market share of the high-end smartphone market. Price drops were described to be as high as 15 percent on some of the company’s flagship models, including the photo-centric Nokia N8 with its 12-megapixel camera, large image sensor, […]

LG Optimus Black World Tour Starting in Europe


Since debuting at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year, LG has announced that its NOVA display-powered Optimus Black Android smartphone will be released in six continents across the world, starting first in Europe. The smartphone will be first introduced in Europe, and then it will head to Asia and North America, according to the […]