9 Best Apple Watch Productivity Apps & To Do Lists

The best Apple Watch productivity apps you can download today.

With over 2,000 Apple Watch apps we wanted to take a look at the best Apple Watch productivity apps you can download and the best Apple Watch to do list apps that can turn your new Apple Watch into a productivity powerhouse on your wrist. The best Apple Watch apps tie into the best iPhone […]

7 Best iPhone Moving Apps


Moving to a new house or apartment can be pretty stressful, but here are seven iPhone apps that can help you with the move and take some weight off your shoulders. Moving isn’t only stressful, but it’s hard work if you do it all yourself. You most likely pack everything yourself, rent a moving truck, […]

10 Essential Back to School iPad Air Accessories

logitech ultrathin keyboard cover for ipad air

With students going to back to school soon, the iPad makes a great companion for taking notes in class, reading books and enjoying a little down time. Students can play some games, stream videos or read a good book. They can also get cheaper textbooks by buying digitally from Amazon or other eBook stores. Students should also take a […]

Ultimate iPhone App for Quick Note Taking

Drafts for iPhone

If you’re looking for an iPhone app for quick note taking, there are plenty of fish in the sea, but none quite stand out the way Drafts does. There are a ton of note-taking apps that you can get for your iPhone, including Simplenote, Evernote, OneNote, Notability, Vesper,  etc. The list goes on for miles. […]

12 Best iPad Writing Apps and Other Tools


It was a dark and stormy night… Writers begin with an idea and let their imaginations lead into a journey that with a careful crafting of words eventually tell us a story. It’s a very personal process for what in the end most hope will turn into a very public presentation.  Every writer is different […]

Migrate Notes from Evernote to OneNote with Evernote2Onenote


Evernote and OneNote have always been in competition to store your digital stuff in the Cloud. OneNote lost quite a few users to Evernote because Microsoft never really pushed OneNote beyond its own ill defined borders. But Evernote pushed hard into the world of mobile computing and quickly became a favorite because it worked on […]

OneNote for the Mac: Review


Microsoft is on a cross platform tear these days and that’s a good thing. The big news about that was the release for Office Apps for the iPad last week. But a couple of weeks before that, Microsoft made a flanking move in the cross platform wars and released a version of OneNote for the […]

Penultimate Update Brings a Few Nice Changes


Penultimate has been my down and dirty note taking App for the iPad for quite sometime. I use it almost religiously in rehearsals and meetings. Owned by Evernote, there is a seamless syncing that brings all of my Penultimate notebooks into Evernote for archiving. Other digital note taking Apps have more features and in a […]

Pebble App Store for Android Now in Play Store With New Apps

pebble evernote not app

Pebble shipped their new Pebble Steel watch earlier this year, but it only came with app support for the iPhone and iPad. That changed when they finally pushed out their update to the Google Play Store making it compatible with Android phones. The new app comes with some interesting new features and partners. The most […]

Evernote Digital Inking for Android App Now Out of Beta

2014-03-06 05.10.25

Awhile back we reported that Evernote was going to bring digital inking back as a feature, at least in the Android version of the App. We also tested out the Beta and gave a short report on the features back then. Well, now Evernote digital inking is out of Beta and available in an updated […]

Evernote Finally Issues a Working Update for Microsoft Surface

Finally. After more than a year Evernote has finally figured out how to make its Evernote Touch App work on the Surface RT and the Surface 2. A recent update seems to have fixed the bugs that caused the App to crash when loading or attempting to sync that many users were experiencing. To call […]

Testing Digital Inking in Evernote Android Beta


Yesterday we reported that Evernote was in the process of testing Digital Inking in a Beta for its Android App. To test the Beta you need to enroll in a Google+ group. The group is also for testers of Skitch, also owned by Evernote. I enrolled and got access to the Beta and have been […]

Evernote Brings Back Digital Inking in Android Beta


Long time fans of Evernote will remember that it was a favorite Digital Ink note taking App for the Tablet PC. That was back in a day when Apps were applications. Evernote’s Ink note taking abilities were a favorite of many. Since the demise of the Tablet PC, Evernote has moved on to other things […]

Evernote Increases Sync Speed and Customization


Evernote, the app that is always on everyone’s Top 10 list, has been under fire lately for some problems. The heat was so intense that the Evernote CEO Phil Libin took to the Internet to say that some internal soul searching had been done and more was underway. Evernote was being criticized bugs that weren’t […]

SwiftKey Note for iOS Arrives with Deep Evernote Integration

SwiftKey Note for iOS

To nobody’s surprise (thanks to last week’s leak), SwiftKey Note has made its way to iOS and is ready for downloading by the public. SwiftKey is one of the best keyboard replacements that you can get on Android, and now it has come to iOS, but not as a keyboard replacement (you think Apple would […]

Evernote’s Phil Libin Responds to Some User Complaints but Not All


Yesterday we posted about some recent and some long standing and uncorrected issues with one of the most popular mobile Apps on the market, Evernote. Yesterday’s post was prompted by a post from Jason Kincaid which highlighted both an issue with sound recording and more importantly a data security and privacy issue. In that post […]

Evernote Bugs Indicative of Larger Issues in Mobile Tech


I recently named Evernote as one of my go to Mobile Apps. I’ve been using it for quite some time. Actually, I was using Evernote before it became the Evernote we know today, back in the day when it was a very good Digital Ink note taking App for the original class of Microsoft Tablet […]

Mobile Apps That Made a Difference in 2013


Say what you want about this mobile device versus that mobile device. There are always comparisons by the dozens. But when it comes to mobile computing it really is all about Mobile Apps and what they can or can not do for you. Fortunately, many Mobile Apps are now available across the big three platforms […]

Penultimate Update Improves Adonit Jot Script Stylus Further


I’ve been following and reporting on the Adonit Jot Script Stylus since its debut awhile ago. The Adonit Jot Script Stylus uses BlueTooth LE to pair with the iPad to bring more accuracy to your Digital Inking. The Adonit Jot Script Stylus Evernote Edition was designed to be used with Penultimate, a very popular note […]

Skitch for iOS 7 Brings Back PDF Features and Web Capture


We seem to be living in a time where features get removed and then get added back in with some Apps. We also seem to coexisting with buggy releases as part of the norm. Skitch, the photo annotating App that is now a part of the Evernote family of Apps recently lost some features in […]