Evernote Acquires Popular Mac Screen Capture App Skitch

Remember Everything | Evernote Corporation

Things seem to be going very well for the folks at Evernote. Holding its first ever Trunk Conference, CEO Phil Libin talked about the growth that Evernote has been experiencing and looks to make. A part of that growth is the announcement that Evernote has acquired the popular Mac screen capture App, Skitch. Sktich allows […]

3 More Reasons You Should Use Zite as Your Personal Digital Magazine

Zite Send to Evernote

Zite is one of my favorite iPad apps, perhaps my most used iPad app, and now it’s even better. Zite is a free app that connects to your Google Reader account and topics of interest in order to deliver a personalized digital magazine that gets better the more you use it. Now, Zite has added […]

Evernote Arrives on Android Tablets With Big Screen Interface

evernote android widget

Evernote is finally coming to Android tablets in a big way. This morning Evernote announced a new Android Tablet app which is available to download to your Honeycomb tablets right now. Gone is the upscaled Evernote home screen full of unused space, and in its place is a new Evernote Android tablet home screen. Instead of a […]

Evernote for Windows Phone 7 App is Finally Here

Evernote Windows PHone 7 App panorama

It took a while, but Evernote has finally announced the availability of the Evernote for Windows Phone 7. The Evernote App for WP7 represents has been designed to work with the native Windows Phone 7 environment, taking advantage of the Windows Phone 7 Panorama interface to deliver a feature rich, yet accessible Evernote experience. As […]

Evernote Clipper For Chrome Updated with Focused Article Clipping

Evernote Chrome Clipper Article View

Evernote announced an update to the Evernote Clipper extension for Google Chrome today that adds a much more focused Article clipping feature as well as an updated look, better notifications and the ability to search your notes while you search Google, Bing or Yahoo. The biggest news is the Article Clip mode which can detect […]

The Best iPad and iPad 2 Apps [May 2011]


Are you looking for some amazing new iPad and iPad 2 apps? We’ve collected our favorite apps for May 2011 which you need to have on your iPad. These apps will help you stay on task, relax, take photos and stay in the know. Some of these apps are new, while others are old favorites […]

BooqPad iPad 2 Folio Review: The iPad Case for Note Takers

BooqPad iPad 2 Review

The iPad 2 may be great for many things, but when it comes to taking notes even the best note taking apps like Note Taker HD, can’t compare to the experience you get from a traditional tablet or from pen and paper. I haven’t found a way to hack a Wacom digitizer into the iPad […]

How My iPad Made Me Hate Paper and Helped Me Save Over $15,000


I hate paper! It is everywhere but thanks in part to my iPad I don’t want to use it anywhere, except maybe the bathroom and dining room. So I’m gonna show you a few ways that my iPad has made me hate paper while saving literally thousands of dollars. Speaker Notes As a preacher I […]

Evernote Powers a Delicious Looking Vietnamese Pop-up Restaurant

evernote app

Food trucks and pop-up restaurants are apparently The cool places to eat in San Francisco and Evernote has posted a highlight about how Rice Paper Scissors, a Vietnamese Pop up restaurant, is using Evernote to manage their business. Even if you aren’t preparing delicious Vietnamese food, the short video below highlights a few ways you can […]

Evernote for Mac Updated with Audio Notes, Sharing and Faster Searches

Evernote Audio Note

Evernote for Mac just received a nice upgrade that brings the sharing we have seen on the Windows Evernote update and the first desktop inclusion of Audio Notes as well as a collection of improvements to speed. The New Evernote for Mac is available now and can be found on Evernote.com, from the Mac App Store or […]

Go Paperless with Webcam Notes in Evernote

Evernote Webcam note

If you are trying to go paperless, one of the biggest challenges will be digitizing the paper that people still send you all the time. I’ve found that the built in webcam in most notebooks is good enough to handle basic capture of letters and paper I receive. Evernote makes it easy to capture right to your […]

Evernote for Android Gets Sharing, Enhanced UI, PIN Locking and More

Evernote for Android Facebook

Evernote for Android just got a major upgrade, bringing new organizational tools, sharing on social media, collaboration, security, a new widget and more. In short, this is an Evernote for Android upgrade you don’t want to skip. The new Evernote for Android includes the following features: Mobile Collaboration – If one user is a premium […]

10 Essential Free Apps For Your New Android [HTC Thunderbolt]

Åstro File Manager

The HTC Thunderbolt it just the latest amazing Android device to arrive on a major carrier. With the upcoming launch of the Motorola Droid Bionic, Samsung Droid Charge, Sony XPERIA PLAY and others, Android is about to be gracing the smart phones of a lot of new users. If you are new to Android, we […]

Evernote Web overhauled with improved interface, more sharing options


My favorite virtual memory drawer Evernote just rolled out a major update to their web interface. While not a perfect match, the new design is more consistent with their desktop applications and offers more sharing options, including Facebook. Applies to shared notebooks as well, so any notes you want to share with the world just […]

Evernote Update Takes Advantage of iPad 2 Camera


Evernote was updated today with at least one new feature aimed at the iPad 2 – the ability to take note snapshots with the iPad 2’s camera. This is the killer application for the iPad 2. While sitting in a meeting just today I was using Evernote to keep track of our discussion. One of […]

iPad 2: Apps and Accessories to Replace Your Notebook or Netbook

ipad as a notebook

When it comes to going mobile, the iPad and iPad 2 are a lot slimmer than many notebooks and netbooks, which has led to a growing number of users turning to the iPad to replace their notebook as the go to mobile device. Over at Notebooks.com we are still pretty tied to the benefits of […]

BooqPad iPad 2 Folio Case Solves iPad Note Taking Once and for All

booqpad ipad 2 case

Booq just announced a new iPad 2 case which should help you get an inking and note taking experience. How you ask? With a built in tablet, of paper, that you can write, draw and sketch on all you want without a soft tipped stylus. The BooqPAD is a pretty interesting iPad 2 case which protects you iPad 2 […]

Noontime Notebook News March 1st: Evernote Inking, Asus Slider and More

asus slider

This morning the hottest news has been surrounding Evernote, Asus, eye control and faster WiFi. We also saw a few new notebook details come out from CeBIT 2011 in Germany regarding mini-notebooks and the Asus Slider. The biggest news of the morning was Notebooks.com’s interview with Phil Libin, the CEO of Evernote, regarding the future of Evernote […]

Evernote Pushes Through Significant Upgrade for iOS

If you’re an Evernote user on the iPhone (and other iOS devices) you probably want to grab this upgrade. Version 4.0 offers users new ways to view and find  their data and a faster way to create new notes. Most of these updates are geared toward the iPhone and the Evernote gang is promising more […]