iOS 6.1.3 Battery Life a Problem for iPhone Users (Video)

iOS 6.1.3 battery life is a problem for some iPhone owners.

Apple’s iOS 6.1 update for iPhone and iPad came with a myriad of issues including a nasty Exchange bug that caused abnormal activity which led to intense battery drain. And while iOS 6.1.2 promised to fix them, it appears that even with the release of iOS 6.1.3, battery life problems are still a big problem […]

Select Motorola Smartphones, Tablets Banned in U.S. Today


Motorola Android smartphones and tablets are being banned from being imported into the U.S. effective today following an order from the U.S. International Trade Commission, or ITC. This time the ban is being sought after by Microsoft, and not by Apple, who claims that Motorola’s 18 products violate key patents surrounding Microsoft’s Exchange Active Sync […]

How to Enable Push for Gmail on iPhone [Tips]


If you use a Gmail account, when setting up your iPhone’s email your natural reaction would be to, well, set it up as “Gmail.” If you want your new emails to be delivered immediately, though, that’s exactly not what you want to do. What you will want to do is to set your mail up […]

Verizon’s New Push Email Apps Make Feature Phones Smarter


For those still clinging to their “dumb” phones, otherwise called feature phones, Verizon Wireless has just released a new email application for those high-end non-smartphone devices to make them just a bit smarter and bring them even closer to smartphone territory. Given that most feature phones are already crossing paths with smartphones–many are offering carrier […]

Weekend Discussion: Your Advice for New Mobile Warriors

Here’s the deal: you are at party doing the normal chit-chat, when the topic starts to change to what people do for a living, etc. You hear someone mention that they are starting a new business that will put them on the road a lot more and they need help sorting a bunch of stuff […]

Outlook Tips for the Mobile User

I have to hand it to Microsoft. When they do something right, they really nail it. Such is the case with Microsoft Outlook and Exchange. I’ve been through my slew of email solutions in the past, but Outlook coupled with hosted Exchange simply works. It is rock solid. If Microsoft can do to Live Mesh […]

Review: MobileMe vs Exchange, a Users Perspective

Those interested in a layman’s view of the difference between MobileMe and Exchange should checkout this review by GBM forum member NutsnBolts. Another GBM reader is working up a detailed comparison from a user’s perspective, so stay tuned for more insight.   Technorati Tags: MobileMe,Exchange,Outlook Sync