Did the Samsung Galaxy S4 Take These Photos?

Galaxy S4 Sample Photo

Another pair of purported Samsung Galaxy S4 sample photos leaked on Picasa this week, possibly hinting at a 13MP camera which could grace the back of the Galaxy S4. The two new photos were uploaded to Picasa on February 15th, and spotted by SamMobile, with a less than remarkable subject, but the photo data includes information the shows the […]

Track Down Stolen Cameras With Online Photos

stolen camera recovered with serial number

Losing a camera sucks, especially if you don’t have a hidden GPS locator tucked in your camera bag. Fortunately, if you have your camera’s serial number, you can track it down online thanks to the GadgetTrack Camera Serial Search. GadgetTrack offers all types of gadget recovery services, but the best part about its latest tool is […]