6 Great iPhone 6 Battery Cases

iPhone-6 copy

Those with a brand new iPhone 6 already have an array of choices when it comes to buying a case to protect that shiny new 4.7-inch iPhone, but if you’re looking for something other than a regular old case, the options are still hard to come by. Popular manufacturers like Mophie, TYLT, Anker and many […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Extended Battery Lasts for Days

A massive Samsung Galaxy Note 2 extended battery delivers days of battery life.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 battery may not last a full day for power users, but it’s almost guaranteed that this extended Samsung Galaxy Note 2 battery will last a full day of constant use. Unlike most Samsung Galaxy Note 2 extended batteries this one delivers three times the capacity of the stock battery. This means user […]

Hyperion Samsung Galaxy SIII 4200mAh Extended Battery Review

hyperion battery for galasy s iii

When I bought my new Samsung Galaxy S III I loved it except for one thing. I couldn’t get through the day with a single charge of the battery despite tweaking that delivered some improvements. That’s why I ordered the Hyperion Samsung Galaxy SIII 4200mAh Extended Battery. Now I can go more than a full day […]

Galaxy Nexus Battery Life Improves After Full Charge and Battery Swap

Galaxy Nexus Battery Life Usage

The Galaxy Nexus on Verizon is an impressive phone, but one of the biggest issues we have seen is poor battery life. It was an issue during our Galaxy Nexus review, and has plagued some of our writers who have seen “unacceptable” Galaxy Nexus battery life thanks to the massive 4.65″ display and 4G LTE […]

Get the Galaxy Nexus Extended Battery for $25


If you use the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon as much as I do, you’ll want to make sure you have an extended battery for your new phone.  Galaxy Nexus Extended Battery is normally $49.99, but for a limited time, you can get the bigger battery for $25. Read: Galaxy Nexus Review The extended battery adds […]

HP Elitebook 2760p Review: Weight, Stamina, & Toughness


Like Wolverine from the comic books, the HP Elitebook 2760p convertible tablet packs a lot of power and weight in a relatively small package. Its weight, toughness, and stamina form a triangle of intertwined traits that work with and against each other.