Do You Want To Mount the iPhone on a DSLR?


I am not exactly sure why anyone would want to mount their iPhone to their DSLR, but there has to be a reason. Right? Steve Sande over at TUAW shares the Flash-dock, a new iPhone and DSLR accessory that attaches to the hot-shoe mount on the top of most DLSR cameras and explains why the developer of the Flash-dock thinks you need this […]

Best Tech and Gadget Gifts Under $50

Eye-Fi Connect X2

Black Friday isn’t the only time you can find great tech gifts that won’t bust your budget. We’ve pulled together the best products from this year’s Gift Guides that cost $50 or less. Find the perfect accessory for iPhones and iPads, Android tablets and smartphones, cameras and MP3 players. There are also some sweet gifts […]

Summer Road Trip: Tech In Our Bag & On The Road

MacBook Air On the Road

This week my family and I will be leaving on a long two-week trip around the Southeastern United States taking some of our favorite mobile tech toys with us. I thought I’d share with you what we are taking to make the journey fun and efficient. Last summer our editor Josh Smith took what he […]

Noon Notebook News: LG Optimus V Review, iPad Keyboard Adoption and Eye Fi Tips

LG Optimus V Prepaid Android Smartphone

Over at this morning we found a collection of interesting news and shared a review of a Android smartphone that doesn’t require a contract and has plans starting at $25 a month. First up is our full review of the LG Optimus V from Virign Mobile. This Android smartphone is available for $149.99 without a contract and has […]

Eye-Fi Creates Online Photo Sharing via Email


Most folks have heard of Eye-Fi. It’s a service that, using an SD card allows you to quickly upload pictures from your digital camera to your online photo sites. Eye-Fi has even branched out to include an iPhone App as well. It is a handy service if you’re connected and there are a variety of […]

Eye-fi expands hotspots, launches Apple-exclusive Geo X2


Couple of announcements out of Eye-fi today. The major news is that Eye-fi X2 cards are now capable of connecting to wifi hotspots that require webpage logins. Also, their new Geo X2 card is going on sale next month exclusively through Apple stores.

Eye-fi Doubles Down on Speed, Capacity, and Hotspots


Eye- Fi announced today that they’re filling out the rest of their X2 line with double the capacity and 802.11n, adding Connect and Explore models to the previously released Pro X2. In addition, they’ve added even more hotspots to their upload service, doubling their number.

Anyone else remember the iPod camera connector?


Sifting through the noise about the iPad this morning, I’ve come across a few expressions of puzzlement over the camera connector accessories. Warner scratched his head about this too when he covered the accessories yesterday. Certainly we can all see why the iPad should have included a built-in SD slot and/or USB port, but I’m […]

Eye-Fi Debuts ProX2 Card with Endless Memory


Sometimes my memory seems endless, or perhaps it just seems like it is never ending. It doesn’t matter. One thing you can count on at CES 2010 is that Eye-Fi will come out with another updated version of their excellent SD cards that allow for video and photos to be uploaded on the fly. This […]

Buy 200GB on Picasa and get an Eye-Fi card to fill it


If you’re an avid photo and video sharer or looking to become one, Google has a deal for you: sign up for 200GB of web storage at $50 a year and they’ll send you a 4GB Eye-Fi Home video SDHC card for free. Just slide that card into your compatible camera, snap away, and your […]

Digital Summer Party in SF


Last night I went to the Digital Summer party at Temple, a nightspot in San Francisco. It was a celebration of technology mixed with a fashion show. Liana Burtsava and Eliane Fiolet from Ubergizmo and Girls in Tech hosted the event. Intel, HP, Coveroo and Eye-Fi were all there showing off their wares and the […]

The MiFi Card: Making Connectivity Simple


I wish everything worked this easily. I finally got my hands on a Novatel MiFi 2200 card via Sprint and what a treat for a mobile geek who uses multiple devices. The MiFi card turns you into a walking hotspot. It accesses the Sprint 3G network and then puts out a WiFi signal that up […]

What’s your ideal mobile photo setup?

Photo of me taking photos

Mobile tech enthusiast, semi-regular ink blogger, and regularly fun all-format  blogger Jezlyn  posted a big, beefy write-up of her “ultimate” wireless photo upload setup on Late to the Party. It’s an epic  tale of triumph and tragedy  as she  pits  her photographic steel against  an Eye-fi wifi SD card, iPhone, Nokia N95, Sony Ericsson P1i, […]

GBM InkShow: Eye-Fi Pro

Ziv Gillat of Eye-Fi showed me the new Eye-Fi Pro yesterday. As Warner mentioned in a blog post yesterday, the Eye-Fi Pro is an SD card that can send JPG and RAW images directly to your computer via your home network or an ad-hoc network. In this InkShow, Ziv tells us about all of the […]

Cool Companies Are Everywhere in Silicon Valley


It’s easy to take tech for granted when you live in an area that’s home to so many techies and the companies they’ve built.   But every once in a while I still get a rush when I realize the density of cool companies we have here. I met with Ziv Gillat, one of Eye-Fi’s […]

Going Mobile With Verizon MiFi and Samsung NC10


I’m in the parking lot at WalMart while my son is inside soliciting donations for his Eagle Scout project. I thought I’d take this little bit of free time to play with the Verizon MiFi 2200. Here’s how things are going.

Eye-Fi Ups the Ante with iPhone App


The folks behind the Eye-Fi Card keep doling out new and better things and this latest edition to the Eye-Fi arsenal is pretty sweet. They’ve created an Eye-Fi app for the iPhone that allows users who have an Eye-Fi card to send photos wirelessly from your iPhone to your computer or the online repositories you’ve […]

Eye-Fi Announces New Card with Automatic Video Uploading


Xavier has the details on but Eye-Fi has just put a new Eye-Fi card that uploads video from your digital camera to Flickr and YouTube on the market for $99. The new cards are the 4GB Explore Video ($79) and the 4GB Share Video ($79) and you can purchase them at Xavier also […]