How to Search Facebook Posts on iPhone

2014-12-09 10.55.25

If you need to find a Facebook post that you published years ago, Facebook now allows users to search by keyword and will bring up any posts that contain that keyword. Here’s how to do it. Facebook just added this ability to its social network, allowing users to finally search through past Facebook posts. In […]

How To Sign Up For Facebook Graph Search


Today Facebook introduced its new Graph Search for finding people and things on its network, but the feature isn’t available to everyone right away. Facebook will start Graph Search in a limited beta, which users can sign up for at this website. The page offers a sample search of people who live in the users […]

What is Facebook Graph Search?

Facebook Graph Search logo

Facebook announced Graph Search┬átoday, a new Facebook search tool that lets users quickly search through friend’s photos, likes, activities and entire Facebook lives to quickly find shared interests, create pages of friends and look at photos of friends based on their activities and profiles. So, “What is Facebook Graph Search in simple terms?” Graph Search […]