Leaked Screenshots Show More of BlackBerry 10

BlackBerry 10 leak BlackBerry Hub

Screenshots of BlackBerry 10 leaked to Vietnamese website Tinhte shows off the homescreen, notifications and a Siri competitor in the upcoming OS from RIM. Many of the screenshots show features that RIM already showed off in BlackBerry 10. RIM already announced BlackBerry Hub, the app that will show any sort of message the phone receives. […]

Facebook for Android Now Native, Twice As Fast

Facebook for Android

Facebook today released a new version of its Android app, Facebook for Android 2.0. While the new app doesn’t have a drastic design change, it is faster than before. Facebook’s new Android app is the company’s first fully native app for Android. Previously Facebook for Android used a mixture or native code and a webview, […]

Instagram No Longer Supports Twitter Cards


Instagram photos may look strange on the Twitter website, and that’s because Instagram removed its support for Twitter cards according to The New York Times. Twitter cards is what Twitter calls all the information around each individual tweet on the website. Now, when viewing an Instagram photo on the Twitter website, photos either appear off-center […]

Specs for Rumored Facebook Phone Emerges


In the past, there has been a lot of rumors that Facebook is planning an entry into the mobile space with hardware partner HTC to build its phones, though the company has repeatedly denied that it is in fact working on its own phone or mobile operating system to compete against the likes of Apple’s […]

Native Facebook App for Android Nearing Release


After having released a native app for Apple’s iOS platform, Facebook promised that a native Android version was being developed. It looks like the Android version of the social networking platform is now closer to release as insider sources to Engadget have revealed that Facebook is now in the process of final testing the Android app. […]

How to Set Up Facebook in iOS 6


iOS 6 allows users to connect Facebook to the iPhone for easier posting and sharing of photos and links. This guide will show how to set up Facebook in iOS 6 on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, and how it makes sharing via the social network simpler. Thanks to Facebook integration in iOS 6, […]

How to Fix Facebook Cannot Upload Photos in iOS 6

Facebook Photo Upload Not Allowed Lock Icon - 5

After updating to the latest software, some iPhone users cannot upload photos to Facebook, encountering a lock screen telling them, “This app does not have access to your photos and videos.” Users that see this message in the Facebook app in iOS 6 won’t be able to upload photos to Facebook from the Facebook app, […]

Dropbox and Facebook Make It Easy To Share Files With Groups

Facebook Dropbox partnership

Cloud storage service Dropbox partnered with Facebook to make it easier to share files that aren’t photos with Facebook Groups. Thanks to the new partnership users can now upload any files they want to a Facebook Group and share it with everyone else in the group. Other users in the group can edit the files […]

Facebook Testing Auto Photo Upload Feature for Android Users

Screen Shot 2012-09-19 at 9.48.01 PM

In a bid to compete with Google’s Google+ social networking tool for photo uploads and Apple’s Photostream feature, Facebook is now slowly rolling out a new photo upload feature for Android users. Select users have begun to notice that there is now an option for photos to automatically be uploaded to a private ‘Synced from […]

Google Snaps Up Snapseed to Take On Facebook, Instagram


Now that Facebook has acquired photo-sharing social network Instagram with its Android and iOS apps that add filters to instantly give life to even poorly captured photographs, Google is taking action to stay competitive in the social network game with its own acquisition to grow its own Google+ network. The Internet search giant has agreed […]

Instagram for Windows Phone in the Works


A new report claims that Instagram for Windows Phone is indeed in the works and that it will be coming to Windows Phone owners at some point in the future. The Verge claims that Instagram, despite being acquired by Facebook, is working on a Windows Phone application that will be hitting devices powered by Microsoft’s […]

Zuckerberg Forces Facebook Employees to Use Android


It looks like Facebook management, headed by CEO Mark Zuckerberg, is beginning to force its employees to use Android phones. The reason isn’t what you think. The social networking giant, which just released a completely overhauled iOS app that’s built natively for the iPhone, isn’t trying to severe ties with Apple nor is it trying […]

Facebook for iPhone and iPad is Finally Worth Using


The Facebook app update for iPhone and iPad that was originally thought to be out in July has finally landed in the App Store today and it offers stark improvement over the last version of the software that was comically slow and riddled with errors. Facebook took its sweet time rolling out this crucial update […]

Best iPad Apps for College


College students today don’t know how good they have it thanks to the iPad and more iPad apps for college than they can count, at least before completing Understanding Numerical Data. I ended my college career in 2005. On that May afternoon when I turned my tassel for the last time I’d never even, heard of apps. […]

Facebook for iPhone Update Badly Needed, Still Missing


At the end of July, we heard that Facebook would be launching an iPhone update that would greatly improve the application. Sadly, July has come and gone without that update and my patience along with it. My Facebook for iPhone experience on my device has gotten progressively worse, pretty much to the point where I […]

Facebook Adds “Save It For Later” To iOS App

Facebook Save It For Later

Facebook is rolling out a new feature to compete with services like Pocket and Instapaper called “save if for later.” According to 9To5Mac, the new feature is now rolling out to some Facebook iOS users. The feature doesn’t require an app update, users just have to wait for Facebook to push it out to them. […]

Facebook’s Zuckerberg Did Not Quite Deny Facebook Phone

Though Facebook has repeatedly denied working on a phone of its own, the social network giant’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg did not quite deny the possibility of a phone that’s more attuned to and integrated with the social network. In the company’s earnings call, Wells Fargo analyst Jason Maynard asked the CEO directly about the Facebook […]

HTC-Made Facebook Phone Coming Mid-2013

Screen Shot 2012-07-25 at 8.55.50 PM

While rumors of a Facebook phone in collaboration with Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer HTC has been circulating for some time now, Bloomberg is reporting that the result of that collaborating will be arriving ‘mid-2013′ on a breaking news Twitter post. There are no additional details about the joint collaboration and neither HTC nor Facebook has commented on […]