How to Use FaceTime Audio on your Mac with OS X 10.9.2


You’re most likely already aware that Apple released an update to its OS X Mavericks operating system this week. 10.9.2 got plenty of notoriety because it plugged a serious security hole known as GoToFail. But along with that fix, 10.9.2 also brought a number of improvements and a few new features. One of those new […]

How to Use the iPad as an iPhone with iOS 7


You’re sitting in a coffee shop or maybe even waiting for your flight in the airport when you realize your iPhone is about to die and you have no way of plugging it in. The situation wouldn’t be that bad if you didn’t need to call anyone, but there’s a chance you’ll actually need to […]

Hidden iPhone Feature Makes Your Calls Sound 100 Times Better


iPhone users with iOS 7 that want to dramatically improve their call quality can easily do so, just by using a feature that apparently remains out of focus for many iPhone owners on iOS 7. Unsurprisingly, when my friends encounter a problem with their phone, tablet or laptop, they come to me for help. I’m […]

OS X Mavericks 10.9.2 Update Coming with FaceTime Audio

OS X Mavericks FaceTime Audio

Apple may have released OS X Mavericks 10.9.1 just recently to the public, but the company is already working on a 10.9.2 update for which the first beta has already been seeded out to developers, and this update includes FaceTime audio for the first time on OS X. FaceTime audio was first introduced in iOS […]

How to Make a FaceTime Audio Call in iOS 7


FaceTime is a neat little video chatting app that comes installed by default on all iOS products, including the iPhone, iPad. It allows users to video chat with one another without the hassle of dealing with third-party apps. FaceTime can be used over WiFi or over a 3G or 4G data connection, but the app […]

iOS 7 FaceTime Audio Sample Call (Video)

FaceTime Audio iOS 7 Sample Call

The iOS 7 beta offers the ability to make FaceTime Audio calls which are basically phone calls over your data plan that deliver a vastly better sounding call and don’t use any minutes. The new iOS 7 FaceTime Audio feature will allow users to make FaceTime Audio calls on compatible devices to other iOS devices. […]