iPad Camera Taking Few Photos for Flickr. Is FaceTime the Real Star?

ipad 2 camera use

When the iPad 2 was announced, one of the biggest things we focused on was the inclusion of front and rear facing cameras. The ability to take pictures with the iPad and FaceTime was huge — and much requested. So, a few months later, are we really using the iPad 2’s camera? If you take […]

iPad 2 Video Roundup

Screen shot 2011-03-02 at 2.55.49 PM

The iPad 2 was announced just a few hours ago, but there’s already a number of interesting videos making the rounds. Here’s the best iPad 2 videos we’ve found so far, both from Apple and from those lucky enough to attend the iPad 2 launch event in San Francisco. The first iPad 2 video you’ll […]

Skype to Acquire Video Service Qik?


Interesting if this comes to be. Video based phone conferencing is one of those things that everyone hopes will be the next big thing. (See Apple’s FaceTime, see Skype’s new update that allows video communication on the iPhone, see Qik being used for similar kinds of things on Android, see Fring.) And of course web […]

Skype for iPhone Now Updated for Video Calls


Skype has just released an update to its iOS apps, which will now allow video calls and chat with other Skype users. The service will work with Skype calls between the desktop platforms, the iPhone 4, and iPhone 3GS. With the 3GS, users will have to make due with the rear camera as the device […]

Report: FaceTime Beta Has a Security Flaw


Maybe you want to wait before rushing to try out that FaceTime Beta that is now available for Macs. MacNotes.de is reporting that there is a security flaw that leaves a user’s Apple ID and password exposed as well as all of the account settings. Once you’ve logged into FaceTime you can have a look […]

Facetime Coming to the Macs


In what looks like a rather lengthy (and many on Twitter are saying boring) walk through of all the new features in Apple’s iLife, the folks at TechCrunch let their eye wander and managed to spot a Facetime icon in the Apple Dock. No surprise there for  many. Update: The beta software is online.

Next iPod touch getting FaceTime? Don’t count on it.

Via Electricpig.co.uk

British retailer John Lewis is pushing the idea that the next iPod touch will includes several upgrades, including video cameras. Seems like a reasonable enough assumption to me, but they’re also listing FaceTime video calls as a supported feature. Sorry, but cameras do not equal FaceTime.

iPhone 4 FaceTime with Warner and Sumocat


Well, well, Warner’s already got his iPhone 4 up and running and the first thing he did was call his buddy Sumocat for a little FaceTime. And by little, I mean all of three minutes from the road. Wait, from the road? Doesn’t FaceTime require Wi-Fi? Sure does, but you know details like that won’t […]

The Brilliance of iPhone 4’s FaceTime


Video conferencing has been around for a while, primarily on PCs and corporate settings, but with FaceTime on the iPhone 4, a lot of people are hopeful and optimistic the format will become a mainstream hit. I doubt they’ll be let down.