How to Reset an iPhone

Learn how to reset an iPhone.

You need to reset an iPhone. This guide will show you how to reset an iPhone, any iPhone, in about 10 minutes. You’ll learn how to reset an iPhone using iTunes or how to reset an iPhone without iTunes so that you can fix your problem and get back to using your iPhone. There are […]

How to Reset Your iPhone and Start Over

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We can all use a clean slate every now and then, and that especially goes for your iPhone and other mobile devices that you use every day. We install new apps and games whenever they’re released, and we can sometimes get carried away by how many photos build up over time. If your storage levels […]

How to Erase Your Android Phone Before You Sell It

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One question we continue to get month in month out, is how to factory reset, wipe, or erase an Android smartphone or tablet before selling it. With 2014 approaching many of you will be getting new phones soon, not to mention the holidays are always full of new gadget gifts, which has owners looking to […]

How To Erase All Data and Factory Reset Your iPhone

Set Up iPhone Screen

Before you give your iPhone away or sell it, be sure to erase everything and reset your iPhone¬†so you won’t have your identity stolen. People who buy used phones often mine them for personal information so they can¬†steal your identity so they can empty your bank account, run up charges on your credit cards or […]

How to Hard Reset the Galaxy Nexus

Hard Reset Galaxy Nexus

If you need to trade in your Galaxy Nexus or need to get a fresh start, you will need to hard reset your phone. Resetting the Galaxy Nexus is simple and straightforward, but you will want to make sure you have backed up all of your content. Read: Galaxy Nexus Review Because there is no […]