Tech and Everyday Lives: Will We Ever Get It Right?


Mobile tech and computer technology in general is supposed to make our lives a little easier. Or so the theory goes. But then we all know that old cliché: “technology, it’s great when it works.” When technology does work it can indeed make our lives easier. But when it doesn’t it sends any user into […]

What Happens When Kickstarter Projects Fail After Funding?

ZionEyez Failed Kickstarter

It was only a matter fo time before the Kickstarter horror stories hit. “Kickstarter scammers cheat backers out of $344,000″ screams the headline on The Daily Dot. The article tells the tale of 2,106 Kickstarter backers who funded the ZionEyez HD video recording glasses for Facebook, and a year later have nothing to show for […]

Google Voice Fails, Costs T-Mobile Customer $700

Google Voice Fail

Google Voice can be a life saver for long distance calls on your smartphone, when the Google Voice app fails, you could be left with a hefty bill and no recourse. Sophie makes a good number of calls to France every month. She uses Google Voice to complete the calls at .02 cents per minute, a very […]

Apple sent me 40 SIM cards


My first inclination was think up a snarky, sarcastic headline, but then I realized there just isn’t a more ridiculous way to state that Apple sent me 40 SIM cards than to flat out state: Apple sent me 40 SIM cards.

Success in the iPhone Ordering Flap?

Gmail - Pick up your reserved iPhone on June 24 at 7_00 a.m. -

So, I took Dwight Silverman’s advice on Twitter and tried to reserve an iPhone for pickup using the new Apple Store iPhone app. I had tried this earlier today and it didn’t work. Actually I tried it twice more. The first time I thought the App had kicked me out of the process rudely, but […]