HTC M8 Photo Leak Likely Too Good to be True


With the weeks counting down to Mobile World Congress, where many are expecting HTC to announce its flagship smartphone codenamed the M8, we’re starting to get multiple leaks of the handset. Earlier today a picture of the back of HTC’s new smartphone appeared, which had plenty of controversy around it, and now we’re getting two […]

5 Signs That iOS 7 Jailbreak is a Fake


As we wait for the iOS 7 release that may herald an iOS 7 jailbreak’s arrival, users continue to search for an iOS 7 jailbreak and an iPhone 5s jailbreak, and are greeted with many promising results. A quick search for iOS 7 jailbreak on Google, Twitter or Facebook delivers results that promise fast access […]

Watch a Bulldozer Destroy Fake iPhones in Russia

Video thumbnail for youtube video Watch a Bulldozer Destroy Fake iPhones

What happens when a country discovers a box full of fake iPhones? In most cases the iPhones are destroyed to prevent disgruntled customers and market disruptions. In Russia, that destruction includes a camera and a bulldozer more suited for taking down a house than a hundred fake iPhones. The video below claims to show the […]

iOS 6 Jailbreak Fakes Pod2G & Chronic Dev Team to Rip Off Jailbreakers

iOS 6 jailbreak fake Chronic Dev Team

A new iOS 6 jailbreak site claims that pod2g and the Chronic Dev Team released Absinthe v3 with an iPhone 5 jailbreak and other Apple devices running iOS 6 and iOS 6.0.1. The tool claims to offer an iPhone 4S jailbreak, iPad 4th generation jailbreak, iPad mini jailbreak and all other current Apple iPhone, iPad […]

Don’t Download Pinterest for Android

Download Pinterest for Android and Get Ads

“Looking for Pinterest Android application? Download Now!” brags the first search result for Pinterest for Android, but the only thing this app will pin is ads to the Android notification bar. Just like the last app claiming to be Pinterest for Android, Faster Pin, is not the official Pinterest Android application. The fake Pinterest app […]

Fake iPhone LockScreen App Tricks Users, Banks Thousands

fake iphone lockscreen app

If there’s anything we can learn from the top iPhone game chart it’s that iPhone owners are jealous of the pattern unlock screen available on Android phones. Lock My Screen, a paid fake iphone lockscreen app that claims to “create specialized unlock screens that increase security”, is the number 5 top paid app for the iPhone. The app […]

Instagram’s Android Release Not That Close After All

Instagram for Android

We can’t wait for the Instagram Android to launch so we can enjoy all of those popular iPhone photography and sharing features found in the app. So we were excited to see that a notification for Instagram for Android appeared on a Galaxy Tab in early February, but it looks like the imminent launch was […]

What You Need to Know Before You Download Another Free iPhone App

top 25 iphone apps

Have you ever wondered how some of the Apps in the Top Free iPhone Apps made it there? I know I’ve certainly wondered who was downloading all these oddball apps, at least to the point that they have ended up in the top 25 Top Free iPhone Apps list. Some of these apps deserve a spot […]

iPhone 4S Battery Fix App Is a Fake


The iPhone 4S has battery issues for many users, causing faster than expected battery drains, and an early end to connectivity and apps. I’ve shared how to fix bad iPhone 4S battery life in 5 minutes, which is an easy way to fix battery life issues for many users, so I was interested to learn […]

5 iPhone 5s Confiscated at German Airport, Are They Real or Counterfeit?


German airport officials have confiscated 5 devices that could potentially be real iPhone 5 units, or knock-offs. Right now, it’s unclear what the status on the device is, and airport officials said that they have notified Apple and are working with Apple to identify the authenticity of the confiscated technology items. The devices were taken […]

Leak: iPhone 5 Display to Sprout Live Plants


Every day just seems to bring us more juicy info about the iPhone 5. Today, news comes from ZimbabweiPhoneFans that the iPhone 5’s Retina display will not only serve as the window to your apps, but it will also sprout its own real-life garden. iGrow Dubbed iGrow, the new capabilities utilize Apple’s breakthrough digital hydroponics […]

Fake Apple Stores in China Take Knockoffs to Another Level


It looks like the Smart Cover knockoffs that a company associated with Samsung aren’t the only thing Apple’s lawyers should be looking into. This bit of KIRF (pointed out by Bird Abroad) is so egregious, it makes a Chinese eBay store look like a model for originality and innovation. This revolutionary bit of clonery: fake Apple […]

Sources: iPhone 5 to Add Wings, Spy Camera

Our artist's mockup shows what the iPhone 5 could look like

The iPhone 5 rumor mill keeps spinning, as today the Taiwanese digital industry periodical DigiCom reports that Apple is ordering miniature military-grade airplane wings for a “massive shipment this September.” This points to Apple finally bringing the long-rumored near-space surveillance capabilities to the iPhone 5. The tiny wings, developed in conjunction with Lockheed Martin, sport […]

GooApple iPhone Clone Merges Iconic iPhone 4 Design with Android Brains

gsmarena 001 Could this be the best iPhone 4 replica to date And it runs Android! [VIDEO]

For iOS and iPhone 4 users who wished their smartphones could do a little more, or perhaps even play Adobe Flash videos through the Mobile Safari browser, but cannot fathom to switch to Android because they disdain the design of current smartphones, then GooApple has a solution that marries Apple’s iconic design with the Android […]

This ‘iPad’ Runs Windows 7


Technically, it’s not an iPad, but it does run the full version of Windows 7, Microsoft’s desktop-centric OS, and the OS runs natively rather than through some remote desktop software, like LogMeIn Ignition. The Chinese iPad clone is the best Apple knock-off that we’ve seen, and it has all the ports, styling, and design inspirations […]