How to Buy Movie Tickets with Siri in iOS 6.1

How to buy movie tickets with Siri

With iOS 6.1 users can use Siri and Fandango to buy movie tickets with their voice and a tap. With the new tool it’s easy to go from seeing what’s playing at a local movie theater to reserving your seats. Users will need to update to iOS 6.1 and install the Fandango app to make the process work. There […]

Siri Will Help iPhone Owners Buy Movie Tickets When iOS 6.1 Gets Released


Though iOS 6.1 isn’t yet available for consumers to download, Apple has already seeded the forthcoming version of its mobile operating system to developers. And as such, developers have discovered there is a feature inside iOS 6 that allows consumers to tap Siri‘s voice assistant feature to purchase movie tickets, thus expanding the capabilities of […]