More Credit Card Breaches Expected to Come, Says FBI

Credit Card Breach

*+-The big story over the past couple of weeks has been the huge credit card hack on Target and Neiman Marcus, both of which suffered a breach where millions and millions of credit card numbers were stolen from the stores’ payment systems, but the FBI says that we’re just getting started. According to Reuters, the FBI […]

The FBI Asks Google To Unlock a Pimp’s Android Phone


*+-Android’s pattern lock might not be the best way to lock your smartphone, but at least it’s good enough to stump the FBI. Now the bureau is asking Google for help to unlock a pimp’s Samsung smartphone. The phone in question was used by Dante Dears, a San Diego pimp. Dears had previously spent some time […]

FBI Child ID iPhone App for Parents Released


*+-The Federal Bureau of Investigation is promoting the FBI Child ID app for iPhone. The FBI designed the free app to help parents keep their kids safe and communicate with the authorities should a child go missing. This is the first mobile app created by the FBI. The FBI Child ID app stores photos and vital information about your […]

Here Come the Feds: FBI Investigating iPad/AT&T Security Breach


*+-Remember that AT&T security breach that exposed 114,000 users’ emails? Let’s see when was that? Yesterday. Well the FBI has confirmed to the Wall St. Journal that they have opened an investigation into the matter. The question it raises for me, is this because of the security breach itself, or because some high powered government […]