FCC Providing Tools to Test Broadband Speeds

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*+-If you’ve ever thought you weren’t getting the broadband speeds your ISP or provider promised, you might want to try these tools that the FCC has just made available. First up is a tool you can use on your laptop or desktop that tells you upload and download speeds along with measuring latency and jitter. […]

Corporate Chicanery with Apple, Google, AT&T, and the FCC

*+-Everybody got all excited yesterday when Apple, AT&T, and Google posted their responses to the FCC’s request for information in its investigation into issues related to how applications get to the App Store, among other things. On the one hand it looks good that the three made some of their responses public (Google did some […]

How Do You Define Broadband?

*+-With government initiatives underway to hopefully improve our broadband lives here in the US, the first item on the list appears to be defining exactly what broadband is. Or rather, what definition the government will use. Some say it has to do with speed, some see it as a different picture. The FCC is looking […]

Om Malik Interviews FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski


*+-Regardless of your political affiliation or whether or not you follow politics or think that they are important, here’s an interview worth reading. It is also worth reading if you want to gain some insight into the Federal Communications Commission, the US agency that will determine many of the policies about how the sometimes seemingly […]

Schmidt Resigns from Apple Board after FCC Starts Inquiry


*+-Timing is everything and whether or not Eric Schmidt resigned from Apple’s Board of Directors because of the FCC starting an inquiry over the Apple pulling the Google Voice apps and not allowing Google’s own app for Google Voice to go forward or not, this will always look like their is a cause and effect. […]

Senators Ask FCC To Scrutinize Carrier Exclusivity

*+-The Rural Cellular Association along with several US Senators is asking the FCC to take a look at the practice of exclusivity agreements that carriers use to subsidize cell phones and other mobile gadgets. The Senators set on the Senate Commerce Subcommittee on Communications, Technology and the Internet and are planning to hold a hearing […]