7 Hidden Galaxy Gear Features and Uses

Check out these hard to find Galaxy Gear Features.

The Samsung Galaxy Gear is a smartwatch that connects to the Samsung Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note 3 and soon to other Samsung devices and it includes several hidden features that deliver a better mobile experience. The Samsung Galaxy Gear offers access to a collection of new watch faces, apps and other features through the Galaxy […]

Nexus 5 Features You’ll Actually Care About

Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 3.25.23 PM

The latest and greatest smartphone from Google is finally here. Announced and released to the Play Store this morning is the new LG Nexus 5 smartphone with Android 4.4 KitKat. Delivering the thinnest and fastest Nexus smartphone to date with 4G LTE, a powerful quad-core processor, and Google’s latest mobile OS. Now that the device […]

iPad mini 2 vs Nexus 7 2013: 7 Key Differences


Almost exactly one year after announcing its first mini tablet, today Apple announced the new iPad mini 2 with Retina Display. After countless leaks, reports, rumors, and even release date leaks all the details are finally official. The hotly-anticipated device didn’t change much as far as looks and styling, but under the hood we have […]

iPad mini 2 Release Date and Rumor Rounudup

iPad mini 2 display

The iPad mini 2 is on the minds of shoppers who are holding out hope for a fast iPad mini 2 release in early November that will bring the Retina Display users love on the full size iPad to the smaller and more portable iPad. Apple announced a fall iPad event for October 22nd where […]

HTC One Max vs Galaxy Note 3: 10 Key Differences


After months of waiting HTC finally has some competition for Samsung’s Galaxy Note lineup, and yesterday announced the new HTC One Max smartphone. With a 5.9-inch full HD display this massive smartphone looks to take on the competition from Samsung, and anyone else that releases a large screen smartphone. HTC delivered more than just a […]

7 Android Features That Best iOS 7


Apple told its developers that iOS 7 is the biggest thing to happen to iPhone since iPhone launched, which is a bold–and a claim that we find to be accurate here at GottaBeMobile–statement. However, as bold and revolutionary as iOS 7 is, there are still some areas where Apple’s rivals do better. In this editorial, we’ll […]

7 iOS 7 Features Stolen From Android


As much of a revolution as iOS 7 is for Apple, it’s still an OS that is created in the presence of competitors. And given that Android is one of Apple’s toughest competitor to date in the mobile ecosystem space, no report of iOS 7′s novel features would be complete without having a comparison between […]

25 Samsung Galaxy S4 Tips, Tricks & Hidden Features

Samsung Galaxy S4 Hidden Features

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is host to a number of hidden features that unlock the full potential of the device. These Galaxy S5 tips and tricks can help you do more without upgrading to the Galaxy S5. Many of the best Galaxy S4 features are hidden deep in menus and behind settings that even experienced […]

Why It Made Sense for Google to Not Announce Android 4.3 at I/O


Ahead of Google I/O, there were many rumors that Google would utilize its developer conference to set the stage to introduce the next version of the Android 4.3 operating system. Originally believed to be Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie, it was later believed closer to the conference that the OS update would be Android 4.3, […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 Ads: How Samsung Plans to Beat the iPhone

The Galaxy S4 release date will likely come after the HTC One in the U.S.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 release is close, and Samsung’s first Samsung Galaxy S4 ads are already online, showing off how Samsung hopes to market the Galaxy S4 to potential buyers. So far there are no in your face Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. iPhone 5 ads, but it may just be a matter of Samsung waiting […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 Features, Specs, AT&T Revealed in Screenshots

Samsung Galaxy S4 Concept

Possible Samsung Galaxy S4 screenshots from the U.S. Galaxy S4 show rumored smart features like Smart Scroll, a 5-inch 1080 P HD display and 13MP camera. The alleged Galaxy S4 screenshots first appeared on GSM Israel who claims the screenshots arrived from an anonymous source with access to the Samsung Galaxy S4 model destined for U.S. […]

15 Hidden Samsung Galaxy S3 Features


The Samsung Galaxy S3 is packed full of hidden features that deliver a premium experience. Some of the best Galaxy S3 features are hidden in menus and settings, and this guide will show you how to get more out of the Galaxy S3 without the need to spend any money on apps or accessories. For […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 Features, Specs and Possible Photo Leak

A purported photo of the Samsung Galaxy S4.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 launch event is set for March 14th in New York City, and the latest rumors claim to reveal the full Galaxy S4 specs which don’t include a Samsung Exynos processor or Super AMOLED display. We also get a look at what may be the first photo of the Samsung Galaxy S4 with a […]

7 Reasons You’ll Love Your Android 4.2 Update

Video thumbnail for youtube video 5 Reasons You'll Love Your Android 4.2 Update

The Android 4.2 update is a small, but feature packed update for Android smartphones and tablets,. Android 4.2 is already on most Nexus devices, and will soon be making its way to popular devices like the Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy S3. Sooner or later the Android 4.2 update for the Verizon Galaxy Nexus will also arrive. We’ve already […]

AT&T Nokia Lumia 920 Review


The Lumia 920 is Nokia’s second attempt at a Windows Phone flagship with U.S. carrier partner AT&T, effectively succeeding and replacing the Lumia 900 that debuted earlier this year at the Consumer Electronics Show. On paper, the Lumia 920 is an attractive smartphone, carrying over the award-winning Lumia 900′s industrial design, boasting greater integration with […]

8 Exciting Features for the Next iPhone & Android Smartphones

Foldable smartphone display

The iPhone 5 and the Galaxy Note 2 should launch within the next two weeks with larger displays, 4G LTE connectivity and a smart stylus. After September, reasonably sized displays and 4G LTE connectivity will no longer be product differentiators. Like seat belts and airbags they’ll be considered standard features for a smartphone. Some phones will still cut corners, but […]

Samsung Galaxy S III Review: Editors’ Choice


The Galaxy S III is Samsung’s best Android smartphone to date and the company’s successor to the Galaxy S II device that was launched last year as the Galaxy S II on AT&T and T-Mobile and the Epic 4G Touch on Sprint. The touchscreen-only smartphone will compete against the HTC One X series as well […]

3 Steps to a Cheaper Cell Phone Bill

clean up cell phone plan

Every few months I suggest taking the time to check your cell phone plan to make sure it fits your needs. Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile lock users into two-year contracts, but that doesn’t mean the monthly bill is locked. Users can change most plan options, features and add-ons without extending the contract. Saving just $10 a month on a […]

Try Photoshop CS6 Beta For Free – Explore 5 Great New Features


Adobe announced Photoshop CS6 today, the next version of the popular and iconic photo editing tool. The new version of Photoshop won’t arrive until later this year, likely this summer, but you don’t have to wait until July to try Photoshop CS6 for yourself. Adobe is offering a free Photoshop CS6 beta that anyone can […]

BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 Available Now With Native Email, Android App Support

BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 Update Avaialble

BlackBerry Playbook owners can update their Playbooks to the new and improved BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0. Just as we predicted, Research In Motion has released BlackBerry OS 2.0 and it is available to download right to your PlayBook. BlackBerryPlaybook OS 2.0 brings a number of features including enhanced email and calendar functionality as well as the ability to run […]