5 Common Touch ID Problems and Fixes

Retrain Touch ID for cold weather.

Common Touch ID problems include issues where Touch ID does not work or when Touch ID fails. There are easy solutions to most of these Touch ID problems and if you haven’t re-set Touch ID since you bought the iPhone there is s very simple solution. Touch ID is the official name for the fingerprint […]

How to Use the Galaxy S5 Fingerprint Scanner

Galaxy S5 Review - 6

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is a flagship smartphone loaded with top-tier specs and features, it runs the latest version of Android, and even has a built-in fingerprint scanner or sensor for improved security. Just like the iPhone 5 Samsung added a fingerprint scanner to the home button, and below we’ll show you how to use […]

Galaxy S5: Is Samsung Ready for Users to Give It the Finger?


There is now a little bit more concrete proof that Samsung would embed a biometric fingerprint sensor on its rumored flagship Galaxy S5 smartphone for 2014. Though the company isn’t commenting on unannounced products, famed leaker @evleaks had posted to Twitter an image file that reads “FingerprintService.apk,” saying that the file is “from [the] Samsung Galaxy […]

HTC M8 Leak Points to Fingerprint Tech on Back

Screen Shot 2014-01-16 at 9.56.34 AM

Following up the successful flagship HTC One smartphone of 2013, HTC is planning to release a new device that for now, is being called the HTC M8. Leaks and rumors have suggested multiple different names from the HTC Two, HTC One+, and more, but it’s all just rumors. Another thing we’ve yet to officially learn […]

Massive HTC One Max Spotted in the Wild as Launch Date Nears

Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 12.23.37 PM

The rather large 5.9-inch HTC One Max smartphone is no small secret at this point. Having leaked numerous times over the past few moths. While most reports and leaks have been of renders and unfinished prototypes, today the phablet was spotted out in the wild being used. It’s safe to say a launch date is […]

Pantech Vega Note Aims to Take on Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3

Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 2.11.15 PM

The original Samsung Galaxy Note paved the way for large screen smartphones, and now a few years later with the Note 3 other manufacturers are still trying to top Samsung. One in particular is Pantech, who’s the third largest manufacturer in Korea behind Samsung and LG, and is about to announce its new Pantech Vega […]

Galaxy Note 3 Fingerprint Sensor Pulled After Failed Quality Tests


Fingerprint scanners in smartphones is a big topic of discussion lately. With Apple reintroducing the idea to mobile devices with the iPhone 5S, and the HTC One Max looking to do the same for Android. Samsung was also prepared to offer something similar, and today we’re getting reports from GforGames that the Galaxy Note 3 […]

Samsung Galaxy S5 Could Skip Fingerprint Tech, Note 4 Possible

The Samsung Galaxy S5 will reportedly skip a fingerprint sensor.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 does not feature a fingerprint sensor and a new report indicates Samsung will not be ready to add a fingerprint sensor to the Galaxy S5 which we expect in early 2014. The report leaves the door open for a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 or other premium Galaxy devices in the […]

How to Register More Than Five Fingers on iPhone 5s Touch ID

Train Touch ID on the iPhone 5s.

One of the biggest new features of the iPhone 5s is the built-in fingerprint scanner in the Home button — also known as Touch ID. This allows users to scan their fingerprint rather than enter in their passcode every time they want to unlock their phone. It’s a nifty and convenient feature. However, Apple only […]

Four Reasons the iPhone 5s Fingerprint ID Controversy is Way Overrated


The introduction of the iPhone 5s has raised issues about using a fingerprint as a methods of securing a mobile phone. Every argument has been made, from fingerprints not being secure to worries about the government creating a large fingerprint database. I even expressed concern over the Constitutional implications of fingerprint scanning. I’m here to […]

iPhone 5s Touch ID Stores Biometric Data, Not Fingerprint


Given government-sanctioned NSA spying, breaches in security through hacking and malware, and privacy concerns in recent years, there have concerns about the Touch ID technology that Apple had introduced alongside the iPhone 5s earlier this week. Touch ID allows the iPhone 5s to authenticate users to quickly unlock the iPhone and authorize purchase transactions on […]

WSJ Reaffirms Fingerprint Security Tech Ahead of iPhone 5S Debut


Ahead of Apple’s Tuesday media event to unveil the latest flagship iPhone, a report on the Wall Street Journal reaffirms the most anticipated feature of the iPhone 5S–the biometric fingerprint reader. “Placing a finger on a computer or smartphone has long been proposed as a way to avoid the need for passwords to authenticate users of computers […]

iPhone 5S Could Hide Fingerprint Sensor On The Screen

An Apple patent shows how a fingerprint sensor could exist below the iPhone 5S display.

A fingerprint sensor could be a killer iPhone 5S feature this fall, and despite analyst claims and parts that pointed to a delay until the iPhone 6, a new Apple patent shows that Apple could be planning to place an iPhone fingerprint sensor below the screen or in the bezel of the new iPhone. Rumors […]

HTC Granted Patent on Face Unlock, Is Android in Jeopardy?


It appears that HTC has been granted a patent on face to unlock on a mobile device with a front-facing camera. The feature, which had debuted first on Google’s Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system and is available on any number of Android smartphones and tablets running the software, including the Samsung Galaxy Nexus […]

Will the iPhone 5 Feature New Fingerprint Fighting Display?

Apple Patent FIngerprint fighting tech

Aside from falls to the hard surfaces, fingerprints are the biggest enemy of touch screen devices. Apple, and other manufacturers, have been fighting this with coatings that wear off after time, but a new patent application filed by Apple shows a new, more efficient way of keeping fingerprints off your gadgets. The new method of keeping your […]