10 Best Weight Loss Accessories for 2015

If you need help losing weight, these excellent weight loss accessories can help motivate, streamline exercise and quantify your progress.

These are the best weight loss accessories that you can buy to help you lose weight and keep it off in 2015. Many of our favorites connect with the best weight loss apps to deliver a one-two punch of power, motivation and support that you need to lose weight and get in shape without paying […]

Why You Don’t Need a Fitbit to Get in Shape

iPhone-6 copy

One of the biggest advantages of having a smartwatch is for the fitness-tracking capabilities, but according to a new study, your smartphone is actually better at tracking your fitness activities. A new paper that was recently published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that most fitness-focused smartphone apps are just as accurate […]

Windows Phone FitBit is Here

Fitbit Flex 6

Smartphone buyers looking to stay healthy with the help of fitness bands and activity trackers finally have a new platform to choose from. Today, Windows Phone FitBit became the first fitness tracker app to be available on Microsoft’s Android and iPhone alternative. The Verge revealed that Windows Phone FitBit had arrived in a post earlier […]

One Of iPhone’s Most Popular Accessories is Coming to Windows Phone

Fitbit Flex 6

Apple’s iPhone isn’t in danger of having a single device running Microsoft’s Windows Phone eclipsing any of its sales records just yet, but signs of a growing and vibrant competitor are certainly piling up. Today, FitBit became just the latest company to announce formal support for Microsoft’s mobile operating systems and the devices that run […]

Fitbit Force Recall: What Owners Need to Know

Fitbit Force

Fitbit has announced that it will recall its new Force fitness wristband due to the device’s material causing skin irritation for a number of owners. Last month, multiple owners came forward claiming that the Fitbit Force was causing irritating rashes to form on the wrist of the wearers. One owner in particular said that when […]

Too Much ‘Force’ From Fitbit Results in Customer Injuries


The Fitbit Force is the latest wearable fitness gadget to debut over the holiday shopping season competing in the same space as the Nike+ Fuelband and the Jawbone Up. However, the Fitness Force may be just that–too forceful–resulting in injuries to the wearer, but not in the way you would imagine. According to a report […]

Fitbit Force Official: Up Your Fitness Game for $130


The Fitbit Force has been officially announced, and it’s the next latest fitness product from Fitbit, which combines a few smartwatch features with the ability to track fitness and exercise. The fitness wristband was leaked last week, giving us an all-but-confirmed look at the device. The biggest change from the Fitbit Flex is the new […]

Fitbit Force to Launch as New Health-Focused Smartwatch

Screenshot 2013-10-02 12.47.06

Fitbit is set to launch a new fitness-tracking wristband called the Force, only this time around, it’s aiming to be a little more than that. According to The Verge, the Fitbit Force will be a full-fledged smartwatch of sorts that will pack in more features than the Fitbit Flex, and it should provide a bit […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 & FitBit Connect for Fitness Tracking Fun


Today Fitbit announced that all of its recent devices will now supports the Samsung Galaxy S4, making it the third Android phone that works with Fitbit activity trackers. The Samsung Galaxy S4 joins the Galaxy S3 and the Galaxy Note 2 on the admittedly short list of Android devices that Fitbit supports. As Fitbit explains […]

Fitbit Flex Review

Fitbit Flex 6

The Fitbit Flex is the first activity tracker from Fitbit that users wear on their wrist. As a result it feels like the Nike FuelBand, but without all of the features. The actual Fitbit Flex tracker is a small black device that fits inside the wristband. The design allows users to switch out the wristband […]

Fitbit Flex Fitness Tracking Wristband Now Available For $99.95

Fitbit Flex

About five months after its announcement at CES 2013 the Fitbit Flex fitness and sleep tracker is now available for $99.95. The Fitbit Flex is the first Fitbit users can where around their wrist at all times. The Fitbit Flex tracks many of the same stats as other Fitbit devices including steps taken, calories burned […]

FitBit Announces Android App, Brings Syncing To Galaxy S3 and Note 2

FitBit for Android

FitBit announced its first Android app for its line of fitness trackers this week, though it only supports two Android phones so far. The new FitBit Android app will let FitBit users sync their mobile fitness devices to their Samsung Galaxy S3 or Samsung Galaxy Note 2. The app  only supports those two popular Android […]

Fitbit Flex Fitness Band Video Demo

Video thumbnail for youtube video Fitbit Flex Fitness Band Video Demo

Fitbit was demonstrating its new Fitbit Flex fitness band at the Consumer Electronics Show and we were able to take a closer look at the device. With New Year’s having just occurred, health and fitness was a big theme of this year’s CES and Fitbit is hoping that its new fitness and health accessory would […]

Fitbit Flex: Finally a Fuelband Competitor For Android Users


Mobile fitness tracking company Fitbit today announced its first device that links to iPhone, as well as select Android smartphones from Samsung. The new Fitbit Flex is the company’s first fitness tracker that users wear on their wrist instead of in a pocket or clipped to an article of clothing. Like the recent Fitbit One […]

FitBit Zip Review

FitBit Zip 2

FitBit’s new entry-level pedometer has almost every feature of the previous models in a smaller, less expensive package. The FitBit Zip is a small pedometer that can fit into any pocket or clip onto a pair of pants with the included clip. The device will track steps taken as well as calories burned and distance […]

FitBit One and Zip Fitness Trackers Sync to iPhone, Start at $60

FitBit One

FitBit, one of the first digital health companies has two new fitness trackers, the low-end inexpensive FitBit Zip, and the more expensive higher-end FitBit One. Like the FitBit Ultra both the One and Zip are pedometers that help users track their number of steps taken, calories burned, and distance travelled. Both new devices come equipped […]

Fitbit Aria WiFi Scale Review


The Fitbit Aria is a WiFi scale that is very similar to the popular Withings scale. It’s not necessarily related to mobile tech, but the way I am using it and the Fitbit Ultra in combination with my Galaxy Nexus is. I am using all the tools I have at my disposal to track my progress on […]

Best Tech and Gadget Gifts Under $100


Finding affordable tech gifts for the holidays doesn’t require getting up early or braving the Black Friday madness. There are quite a few really good gadgets and accessories at $99 or below. Especially if you or the lucky people on your list love media. But if you do happen to find any of these products […]

Health and Fitness Gadget Gift Guide

Fitbit - holiday gift guide

The cold winter air may be keeping you inside, but we all have a fitness minded friend or family member on our holiday shopping list that is still pounding the pavement or hitting the gym despite chilly conditions. After testing out a number of gadgets over the past year, we wanted to share some of the coolest health and fitness gadgets […]