Huawei Talkband B1 Review

huawei talkband b1 colors

Huawei Talkband B1 does something other smartwatch fitness tracking devices, like a Nike Fuel Band or the Fitbit, don’t do by putting a detachable Bluetooth headset on the wrist. This results in a useful 2-in-1 tool for fitness freaks who also want to talk on their phone hands free while jogging, taking a hike or even […]

Under Armour Getting Into Fitness Tracking with MapMyFitness Buyout


Under Armour has been a fixture in the athletic apparel industry for quite a while, but it looks like the company is dipping its toes into the fitness technology market, as it just acquired MapMyFitness, a company that has a number of activity-tracking apps for fitness buffs, including MapMyRun and MapMyRide for runners and cyclists, […]

Under Armour Introduces Armour 39 To Compete With FuelBand

Armour 39

Today Under Armour announced its new mobile fitness tracking system that will compete with the Nike+ FuelBand it calls Armour 39, according to CNet. Unlike Nike’s FuelBand which users can wear on their wrist all day the Under Armour: Armour 39 uses a strap filled with sensors that wraps around the user’s chest. The strap […]

Moves iPhone App Tracks Fitness Without A Fitness Band


A new free iPhone app called Moves can help users track their fitness without the need for a wearable accessory like a FuelBand or FitBit according to The Next Web. The app can track fitness by turning the iPhone into a pedometer when it’s placed in a pocket. Moves uses sensors in the iPhone to […]

Jawbone Up May Be the Ultimate Fitness Companion

Jawbone Up

The Jawbone Up is a new fitness accessory that tracks your activity and food, reminds you to be active and tracks your sleep. While this sounds similar to the Fitbit, the Jawbone up has the potential to do much more, such as waking you up at the best time, and as an added bonus it is waterproof. […]