Researchers Break Into Samsung’s Fort Knox Smartphone Security


Over the holiday, separate security research teams have uncovered a security flaw in Samsung’s Knox security system which is designed to secure data on the company’s line of Galaxy Android smartphones. Samsung introduced Knox as a way for consumers to use the same phone for both work and personal use while at the same time […]

Hardware Problems Continue to Plague New Nexus 7


While the new Nexus 7 is getting rave reviews for its new design and hardware improvements, it looks like Google and Asus still need to work out kinks with the new 2013 tablet. After we had reported about a GPS bug , it looks like there may be a glitch with the touchscreen. We had […]

New Nexus 7 Build Quality Questioned As Tablets Go On Sale Early


Though Google’s new mid-2013 Nexus 7 tablet isn’t slated to be available until July 30th, some retailers like Best Buy and GameStop are making the slate available to consumers as of today, Friday, July 26th, for purchase. And even though comments have been so far positive with the upgrades that Google has made given the […]

Nexus 7 Flaws: Things to Consider Before Buying Google’s Tablet

Nexus 7 back - no camera

The Google Nexus 7 is a great value and one of the hottest Android devices on the market, but the little tablet is far from perfect.¬†Google and ASUS had to make some tradeoffs to keep costs down and it shows. Some of the Nexus 7’s flaws may be deal breakers for some users, while others […]

New ‘Death Grip’ Affecting HTC One X’s Touchscreen


In the past, with unibody metal constructions, various HTC-made handsets suffered from an issue known as the death grip where gripping the phone would result in diminished reception and signal strength. On the new 2012 flagship HTC One X, it doesn’t appear that reception is an issue, but the device does suffer from a new […]

HTC Titan Latest Handset to Suffer From Antennagate Issues


The issue of poor reception with metal construction on cellular phones was made notorious on Apple’s iPhone 4, which had a stainless steel band that served as both the phone’s antenna and as structural support for the phone. In what was known publicly as Antennagate, the iPhone 4 had diminished reception when a user held […]

AT&T’s Galaxy S II Security Flaw Leaves Phone Vulnerable


A security flaw has been uncovered on the newly released Sasmung Galaxy S II for U.S. carrier AT&T where if the pattern unlock screen is left to time out, promptly waking the Android smartphone would unveil the slide to unlock screen allowing the user to bypass any security locks on the device. The flaw was […]