Samsung Promises Foldable Phones by 2015


Samsung has outlined its technology roadmap through 2017, and one of the notable mobile features that the company is committing to will be foldable displays. This should pave the way to phones with screens that not only flex and bend, but can fold, to encompass new and currently un-imagined form factors and usage scenarios by […]

Samsung Galaxy Round May Bring Flexible Galaxy Note 3 to Life


Smartphones with flexible and unbreakable displays are coming soon, and with recent LG announcements hot on Samsung’s heels we’re now hearing their first product with a flexible display could be announced as soon as later this week. The report claims it will be the first flexible display smartphone to market and will be produced by […]

LG Readies Displays to Battle Rumored Flexible Galaxy Note 3

This flexible display prototype from Sharp shows what we could expect form LG and Samsung.

Flexible smartphone displays of up to 6-inches in size are coming fast to smartphones and phablets as LG announced Mass production of the first Flexible OLED panel for smartphones, just ahead of a possible Flexible Galaxy Note 3 announcement from Samsung. LG is bringing the flexible display technology from HDTVs to smartphones with sizes of […]

Is This Why BlackBerry Thinks the Tablet Is Dead?

blackberry flexible phone patent3

New patent applications that showcase a smartphone with a flexible screen may be why BlackBerry thinks tablets may not have staying power The patents, which were uncovered this week by PatentBolt, showcase a design that uses flexible display technology to create a device that’s altogether different from both of the candybar and clamshell designs the company […]

Apple Posting Hints at Flexible Displays on Future iPhone

This iPhone 6 concept based on an Apple patent shows one example of how a flexible display could work in the iPhone. Concept by MyVoucherCodes.

Apple is looking for an expert in flexible display technology to help the company investigate emerging display technology, which would likely make its way into an upcoming iPhone or iPad. Rumors of Flexible displays are nothing new, and Apple competitor Samsung is already showing off a flexible smartphone prototype, with rumors of a flexible display […]

Flexible Smartphones Could Be in Your Pocket Next Year


Flexible phones could come out sometime in 2013, with Samsung leading the pack, according to a report from the BBC. According to the report, many companies including Samsung, LG, Sharp, Phillips, Sony, and Nokia are close to mass producing flexible displays. Samsung’s OLED displays will likely emerge as the first flexible screens put into smartphones, […]

Apple Patent Shows Smarter iPad Smart Cover With Flexible Displays

Apple iPad Smart Cover with Flexible Display patent

A newly revealed Apple patent shows the company at one point considered putting flexible displays in the Smart Cover on the iPad to make the cover even smarter. According to Engadget, the patent shows an iPad Smart Cover that can display information such as apps or notifications. The device would connect to a special connector […]

Flexible OLEDs Spring Closer to Market

Today seems to be the day for new display news. The Flexible Display Center at Arizona State University (the fightin’ aardvarks! …or cacti …or something. I don’t know college sports) has announced a breakthrough that brings flexible OLED (organic light emitting diode) screens closer to mass market. Something to do with a whole bunch of […]

HP Announces Prototype Flexible Display


We’ve been hearing about flexible displays for some time now. But HP and the Flexible Display Center at Arizona State announced what they are calling the first prototype of an unbreakable flexible electronic display yesterday. Using a process called self-aligned imprint lithography (SAIL)  that allows thin film transistors to be fabricated onto a flexible plastic […]