LG G Flex 2 Hands-on: Gorgeous Curved Display

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At the beginning of last year LG released its first curved and flexible smartphone in the LG G Flex. Now, just one year later at CES 2015 the company has debuted a new and improved LG G Flex 2 with a beautiful 5.5-inch curved P-OLED display running the latest Android 5.0 Lollipop. The original LG […]

LG G Flex Curved Phone Heads to More US Carriers


Late last year LG released the all-new curved and bendable LG G Flex smartphone, and now it’s finally hitting multiple US carriers, including T-Mobile. T-Mobile is busy shaking up the industry, and LG is trying to do the same with curved and flexible smartphones like the G Flex. Offering a plastic screen that is resistant […]

Sprint LG G Flex: Hands-On with its Unique Curves


The G Flex is finally here in the US, a bendable and curved smartphone from LG, and it’s about to launch on three of the four major carriers within the first few weeks of February. Today we’re taking a look at the Sprint LG G Flex, but the device will also be available with AT&T […]

AT&T LG G Flex Curves Onto Shelves February 4th


The curved and flexible smartphone known as the LG G Flex is about to finally arrive from multiple carriers in the US. After first being announced with Sprint, earlier this week we confirmed AT&T would offer the device starting January 24th. AT&T announced pre-orders would start today, January 24th, but gave no details as to […]

AT&T LG G Flex Curved Smartphone Arrives January 24th


Today AT&T announced the company plans to offer up the new LG G Flex curved smartphone on January 24th, a week ahead of the rivals at Sprint. Last week we confirmed Sprint will have the G Flex for $299 starting January 31st, and now AT&T is up next, which means we should be hearing from […]

LG G Flex Hands-On Video

The LG G Flex is on the way to AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint.

The LG G Flex is the first commercially available smartphone with a flexible curved display and it is also a very nice looking device that boasts a self-healing feature to help repair and hide scratches and other damage. While the LG G Flex arrived last year in Korea it is on the way to the […]

LG G Flex Curved Smartphone Heads to AT&T, T-Mobile & Sprint

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Samsung may have been the first company to announce a curved smartphone in the Samsung Galaxy Round, but LG is first to widely distribute and launch such a device in the US. Starting with the LG G Flex the era of curved displays may finally be here. After releasing the 5.9-inch curved phone late last […]

LG G Flex Showcased at CES


The LG G Flex is no surprise by now, and is readily available from a few carriers outside of the US, but today we’re getting another look at the smartphone at CES before the device launches across the US. Just this past week images leaked confirming LG’s plans to offer the curved and impressive smartphone […]

Samsung Flexible AMOLED Displays Headed to Tablets in 2014


Samsung has been busy working on its flexible AMOLED display technology for more than a few years. Initially the company started showing off what a curved smartphone display could look like in 2011 at CES, and we’ve continued to see bits and pieces of the technology until they released a curved smartphone this year. It’s […]

LG G Flex Tipped to Hit US Carriers Early Next Year


The LG G Flex may be somewhat of a unique device for a niche market, but it’s quite interesting and surely set to shake up the market while competing with Samsung and its curved smartphone. We recently learned the device would start arriving for more markets this December, but for those in the US a […]

Samsung 3-sided Display Could Debut on Galaxy Note 4


With recent talks and rumors floating around about the Samsung Galaxy S5 a lot of the attention has faded away from the company’s curved smartphone plans. Recently launching the Samsung Galaxy Round, followed by an LG G Flex by the competition, what’s next for Samsung aside from the Galaxy S5? A smartphone with a 3-sided […]

LG G Flex Video Highlights “Self Healing” Scratch Resistant Design

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Since first being announced late last month the LG G Flex smartphone complete with a flexible design and curved 1080p HD display has been appearing more and more. Destined to take on the Samsung Galaxy Round LG’s Flex is being highlighted today in a neat video provided by LG. It’s more than just a bent […]

LG G Flex Leak Reveals 6-inch Curved Smartphone


Just last week we received early renders of the upcoming LG G Flex, which is aimed at taking on Samsung’s Galaxy Round curved smartphone, and now we have the real thing. Flexible displays on smartphones are the new cool kid on the block with both Samsung and LG battling to offer something unique, and this […]

Samsung Galaxy Round: Features You Need to Know About

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After all the rumors and speculation Samsung finally announced its first smartphone with the YOUM flexible display technology they’ve been working on. Yesterday they revealed the Samsung Galaxy Round, and right out of the gate its been receiving heavy criticism. Many might have been expecting an actual device with a flexible and bendable display, but […]

Samsung Galaxy Round Appears With Curved Galaxy Note 3 Design


Samsung and LG are both working on smartphones with curved or flexible displays, and lately we’ve been focusing a lot on Samsung’s effort. The company confirmed it was coming soon and recent reports have stated the phone could be announced as soon as next week. Yesterday news broke that the flexible smartphone will in fact […]

Samsung Galaxy Round May Bring Flexible Galaxy Note 3 to Life


Smartphones with flexible and unbreakable displays are coming soon, and with recent LG announcements hot on Samsung’s heels we’re now hearing their first product with a flexible display could be announced as soon as later this week. The report claims it will be the first flexible display smartphone to market and will be produced by […]

Will This Flexible Transparent Display Revolutionize Tablets? (Video)

Flexible transparent tablet and phone of the future

In the future, technology is always cooler. If you watch enough science fiction, you’ll pick up on the fact that our future selves really want to be able to see through our displays. In addition to transparent displays, the future is also full of flexible displays. I mean, what good is a large transparent display […]