iPhone Dominates as Most Popular Camera on Flickr


Flickr is one of the most popular image hosting services on the internet, and it’s what most professional and novice photographers use to show off their work. Therefore, Flickr is a decent platform for which you can see what the most popular cameras are that all your favorite photographers are using, and the iPhone absolutely […]

How to Enable Social Integration in iOS 7

2013-09-27 13.26.07

iOS 7 has been out for over a week now, and it’s the fastest-growing software update in history as far as the number of users is concerned; 200 million iOS users updated to iOS 7 in a weekend’s time, according to Apple. It’s easy to see why: tons of new features and completely new look […]

3 Ways Yahoo’s Flickr Can Threaten Facebook


If Facebook is a life diary, Instagram a repository for low resolution and filter-blasted images, Twitter a public SMS database, and Google+ a Twitter meets photo network, then Yahoo is clearly differentiating its Flickr service as a serious tool to photographers that is more accessible now than ever. At a New York City unveiling last […]

Tweetbot Adds Chrome, 1Password Browser Support

Tweetbot Chrome

A new update to Tweetbot gives users the option to open links in either the Chrome or 1Password browsers, giving users more choice over which browser they prefer to use. With the new update users can choose to open links in their timeline in any of the three browsers, and can even choose to open […]

Track Down Stolen Cameras With Online Photos

stolen camera recovered with serial number

Losing a camera sucks, especially if you don’t have a hidden GPS locator tucked in your camera bag. Fortunately, if you have your camera’s serial number, you can track it down online thanks to theĀ GadgetTrack Camera Serial Search. GadgetTrack offers all types of gadget recovery services, but the best part about its latest tool is […]

Coverjam Gives Each iOS Song Its Own Little Slideshow


Coverjam is one of those iOS apps that, once you hear about it, you’re surprised that nobody had thought of it before. The new app by Electric Pocket uses the combined powers of Instagram and Flickr to provide each audio track with its own unique slideshow. You start the app by selecting a track, album, […]

iPad Camera Taking Few Photos for Flickr. Is FaceTime the Real Star?

ipad 2 camera use

When the iPad 2 was announced, one of the biggest things we focused on was the inclusion of front and rear facing cameras. The ability to take pictures with the iPad and FaceTime was huge — and much requested. So, a few months later, are we really using the iPad 2’s camera? If you take […]

Web Services I Enjoy Paying For


I was having a discussion with a family member over the weekend about paying for services and content on the Internet. He said he couldn’t imagine ‘paying to use the Internet.’ I think his sentiments are pretty common these days. When I was back in college I remember feeling the same way. My opinion of […]