Samsung Revives the Flip Phone with Android Galaxy Folder

Image via GSM Arena

The flip phone form factor, for all of its utilitarian functionality, just won’t give up. Samsung, the world’s leader in manufacturing smartphones and phones, may revive the form factor once again with an Android model encased in a vertical clamshell design where the screen, presumably touch-enabled, will be positioned on one half and a numeric […]

Samsung Launching Dual-Touchscreen Android Flip Phone in China


While Computex saw some new computing form factors for Samsung in Taiwan, it looks like Samsung isn’t shying away from experimenting with new form factors and design in the mobile space. The Samsung GT-B9120 is a flip phone that runs on Google’s Android operating system and is headed to Chinese carrier China Unicom with a […]

Are 4G Tablets Better Than Smartphones For Older Users?

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7

In the comments on my review of the Galaxy Tab 7.7 from Verizon Wireless, reader Karen Murray said something interesting. She told us that she bought the tablet on contract plus a basic phone instead of a smartphone. Since no one offers family data plans yet, it made more sense for her to ditch the […]

Verizon Wireless Won’t Abandon Flip Phones

Verizon Basic Flip Phone

Smartphones are taking over the shelves at Verizon, but the carrier hasn’t forgotten about your parents and basic cell phone users. I knew that the selection of “basic phones”, as Verizon calls them, would be limited, but I wasn’t ready for what I found when I helped my father-in-law buy a basic flip phone before the new $30 […]

Star Trek 45th Anniversary Technology Showdown

Star Trek Communicator

Today is the 45th anniversary of the day the first episode of Star Trek aired on CBS NBC. Over four decades later Star Trek and the movies and shows it spawned are some of the most loved science fiction media properties in America, and perhaps the world. Today several sites have pointed out how many […]

Concept Flip Phone Utilizes 3 Display Panels


The concept flip phone designed by Kristian Ulrich Larsen isn’t your mother’s flip phone. Rather, this Android-powered smartphone utilizes three screens where the displays, functions, and features of the screens change organically based on the mode, use, and application of the phone. It’s a pretty neat concept that extends Microsoft’s Courier tablet design concept from […]