Google to Sell Head Mounted Computing Devices By End of Year


According to a report from the New York Times, Google is on track to selling their head-mounted Android computing devices by the end of the year for the price tag of $250-$600. Rumors of a secret project surrounding the Google heads-up display (HUD) have been circulating in recent weeks, and it is believed that the […]

LG Optimus Vu and Samsung Galaxy Note Pictured Together


Though still a niche product with its 5.3-inch screen, the Galaxy Note is making a big splash in the mobile smartphone and tablet world and the AT&T 4G LTE edition is receiving a huge marketing push in the U.S. ahead of launch with a recent Super Bowl commercial. It seems that LG is not one […]

LG Hints at Optimus Vu Smartphone, MWC Introduction?


LG has posted a teaser video that announces some of the basic features of the company’s new LG Optimus Vu smartphone. The device, which will follow more well-known predecessors like the Dell Streak 5 and the Samsung Galaxy Note, will also have a 5-inch display. What’s curious is that rather than going with a widescreen […]

Is the Samsung GT-N8010 the Galaxy Note II?


The Samsung Galaxy Note took on a unique hybrid form factor. As a device with a 1280 X 800 high resolution 5.3-inch screen, the Note could either be used as a large smartphone or a small-sized portable tablet. In the few months that the Note has been on the market, it looks like Samsung may […]

LightPad Accessory Piggybacks on Lapdock Concept, But With 60-Inch Display


Similar to Motorola’s Lapdock accessory that converts any of the company’s Webtop-enabled Android smartphone into a lightweight protable netbook with an 11-inch screen, the LightPad concept gives users the transforming experience and even greater flexibility. Plug in a compatible smartphone, and LightPad will offer users a physical keyboard and a rear-projected 11-inch display in netbook […]

Google, Apple Developing Wearable Computing Device


Beyond smartphones, mobile giants Apple and Google are working on wearable computing devices that would serve as a proxy and allow its wearers to interact with either their smartphones or with the cloud. Apple had already begun testing the waters for wearable computing technology with the iPod Nano released last year where the Cupertino, California […]

Research: Got Fat Fingers? Avoid Amazon’s Kindle Fire


While Amazon’s entry into the Android tablet market in the form of the Kindle Fire is garnering a lot of attention and sales, a new research study from Nielsen Norman Group doesn’t put the tablet in favorable light. Highlighting usability issues, a poor user experience, and problems with touch on the device’s seven-inch screen, Nielsen […]

What Do You Think of Clamshell Smartphones?


If you’re in China, Samsung is hoping that you’ll warm up to the flip form factor which has dominated feature phone designs of yore including the original Motorola RAZR (MOTO RAZR). The company has recently released the Samsung W999, an Android-powered clamshell for the Chinese market with dual displays, a large dial pad, and a […]

Lenovo Eyeing 5-Inch Pocket Tablet Market


Following in the footsteps of Dell, with the Streak 5, and Samsung, with the Galaxy Note, Lenovo is also looking into launching its own 5-inch Android tablet. In the case of Lenovo’s rivals, both those 5-inch numbers were and are considered ‘hybrid’ products, spanning the divide between uber-portable tablet and gigantic smartphone as the 5-inch […]

LG to Produce Displays for Apple iPhone 5, 7-Inch iPad


Furthering speculations of a smaller iPad, Korea Times is reporting that Apple is in talks with LG Display to produce screens for a 7-inch version of the popular 10-inch slate. Currently, both the iPad 1 and iPad 2 are only available in a 9.7-inch form factor, and the Korea Times is reporting that the screen […]

MacBook-esque Laptop Dock for Transformer Prime Spotted


Though Asus had flashed the new, second-generation Eee Pad Transformer, called the Transformer Prime, earlier this month in Asia on stage at AsiaD, we are now finally seeing photos of the tablet’s laptop dock up close. The Laptop Dock borrows its visual cues from the company’s new Zenbook ultrabook notebook, with an aluminum colored shell […]

Stratosphere Accessories Arrive at Verizon Store, Launch Imminent?


A number of accessories for the un-announced 4G LTE-capable Samsung Stratosphere for Verizon Wireless have begun to arrive at the carrier’s stores, suggesting that a launch date may be close. It is expected that the mid-range Android smartphone, which boasts a sliding keyboard in landscape orientation similar to Sprint’s Epic 4G launched about a year […]

5 Things the iPhone 5 Can Learn From the Droid Bionic

iPhone 4 landscape small display

The iPhone is generally thought of as a leading smartphone, one the competition learns from and copies, but this time around, there are several features that I hope the iPhone 5 learns from the Droid Bionic. The iPhone 5 is even more anticipated than the iPhone 4, but it is facing stiff competition from several […]

Kyocera Echo Gingerbread Update to Unlock Hidden NFC Feature, WiFi Calling


It looks like in addition to bringing the dual-screen Kyocera Echo up to date from Android 2.2 to Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread, Sprint and Kyocera may have other secret goodies to enable on the handset, including WiFi calling and NFC features. There are other more subtle, but useful, features as well that come with the update, […]

Verizon’s 4G LTE Samsung Epic Slider Makes Another Appearance

Samsung Verizon slider

Another image of the Sprint Epic 4G Android smartphone is seen with Verizon Wireless branding, 4G LTE support instead of Sprint’s WiMax networking, and the Android operating system. The look of the handset from preliminary leaked images suggest that this device will continue Samsung’s Galaxy S 1’s lineage rather than be a branded variant of […]

LG Optimus Pro the Latest Android Handset to Take on BlackBerry Form Factor


For those who love front-facing QWERTY keyboards–like those found on Research in Motion’s BlackBerry smartphones–the latest Android handset to take on such form factor and appeal to frequent users of emails, texts, and messaging is the LG Optimus Pro. So far, Android handsets that utilize the front-facing QWERTY keyboard design have been few. There have […]

Mini Motorola Droid Pro Headed to AT&T?


According to recently filed FCC documents, the Motorola XT316 is making a visit at the U.S. regulatory agency for approval with AT&T-compatible 3G bands. The handset is said to be a slightly smaller edition of the Motorola Pro, Motorola Droid Pro, or the Sprint Motorola XPRT–all of which are based on the same chassis design–with […]