Foursquare Is How Cortana Will Plan Your Evening

Cortana is the name for an artificial intelligence construct in Microsoft's Halo franchise.

New details about Cortana, the voice assistant that’s expected to arrive on Windows Phone devices with the Windows Phone 8.1 update, could explain why Microsoft announced that it would invest $15 million in Foursquare. A single report from Bloomberg now indicates that Microsoft is planning to use information collected by Foursquare to power the voice […]

Foursquare Now Available on Windows 8

Foursquare for Windows 8

Starting today, users can check into all of their favorite local hangout spots with the new Foursquare app for Windows 8. Microsoft announced the arrival of the native Foursquare client for Windows this morning, after having formally unveiled its imminent release during its BUILD conference in late June. While Windows 8 users who are less […]

100 iPhone Apps to Supercharge Your New iPhone


Here’s a list of 113 iPhone apps that will help you have fun, take better photos, be productive, manage a business or personal finances, chase storms (or avoid them) and much more. Like many of you, I am attached to my iPhone. Not only am I an automotive technology writer for this site, but I […]

Leaked Screenshots Show More of BlackBerry 10

BlackBerry 10 leak BlackBerry Hub

Screenshots of BlackBerry 10 leaked to Vietnamese website Tinhte shows off the homescreen, notifications and a Siri competitor in the upcoming OS from RIM. Many of the screenshots show features that RIM already showed off in BlackBerry 10. RIM already announced BlackBerry Hub, the app that will show any sort of message the phone receives. […]

New Foursquare App Makes Better Recommendations

New Foursquare

After weeks of teasing, the new Foursquare is now available in the App Store and Google Play. The new app focuses heavily on photos and recommendations. Foursquare users will first notice the new timeline when they launch the app. The new timeline looks fairly similar to the new mobile Facebook and Google+ layouts, and puts […]

Fusion App Gives iPhone Owners a Good Reason to Jailbreak

Fusion for iPhone

With iOS 5, Apple integrated Twitter into the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. The integration is great, but some users want more social networks than just Twitter integrated into their phone. For those users there’s the new Jailbreak app, Fusion. Fusion is a $2 app in the Cydia store that was first spotted by iDownloadBlog. […]

Google Challenges Foursquare Without Fair Warning


Google quietly enters the “Social Check-in” game. Google updated its Google Maps application for Android on Feb 15th, 2012 failed to share with the world one of the new features. You can check the Google Maps webpage and the listing in the Android Marketplace and there is no mention of this new feature. What is this […]

Moving from Android to Windows Phone 7 Part 6: The Verdict


This experiment has come to a close. I will continue to use the HTC Titan, running Windows Phone 7.5, but it will not be my daily driver. This might come as a shock to anyone that knows me already, but I am not ready to return to the Windows Phone (WinMo) camp permanently yet. I did say […]

Foursquare Plans to Simplify Check-Ins with NFC

foursquare Foursquare Hacks Now Enables You To Auto Open Our House Doors When You Check In

Foursquare wants to help make it easier for its users to use its check-in services by implementing near field communications, or NFC. As it stands currently, the check-in service on Foursquare requires the active participation of the user by opening an app and selecting or entering their location via GPS readings. With NFC, users can […]

MobileMe to Go Social in Next Major Overhaul


Rumors of a digital locker service for Apple’s MobileMe service has been persistent, but according to Cult of Mac, the online service will get a major overhaul to bring additional social features that will compete against Foursquare, Gowalla, Facebook, and Ustream. Some of the features that Cult of Mac is reporting includes: Live video streaming […]

Facebook Gets Into the Location Game

Pastebot 2010-08-19 08.24.05 AM

Location, location, location used to be the cry of businesses and realtors everywhere. Now it is the cry of those hoping to make some money from all this mobile connectedness. Last night, Facebook announced its location based service called Places. In addition to allowing users to “check-in” to a location, Facebook users can see who […]