Android-Powered Nokia Normandy Launching as Nokia X at MWC?


*+-It appears that the much rumored Nokia Normandy, a device that is believed to run a forked version of Google’s Android 4.4 KitKat operating system, may be launching as the Nokia X, a seeming departure from the Windows Phone Lumia and the feature phone Asha branding. It’s still unclear when the device would be announced, […]

Number of Infected Android Devices Tripled in 2012


*+-Malicious code infections on Google’s Android operating system tripled in 2012. That’s according to mobile security firm NQ, who found that the 32.8 million devices running Android became infected last year. That’s a rise from the 10.8 million devices that were infected in 2011. In addition to the rise in infections, NQ also found that […]

Samsung Galaxy S III to Fragment Android Ecosystem With NFC Beam Share Feature


*+-It looks like one of the most popular and highly anticipated smartphones released to date, the Samsung Galaxy S III, will be one of the devices to fragment the Android ecosystem with its NFC sharing feature due to incompatible technological implementations for the Android Beam feature. On a standard, non-Galaxy S III smartphone, sharing via […]

This Is What Android Fragmentation Looks Like


*+-Fragmentation on the Android ecosystem encompasses many different things. As there are a variety of Android licensees each making multiple phone models with varying hardware components to accommodate a number of different user demographics, at the end of the day we have varying screen sizes and resolutions, processor makes and speeds, graphics engines, RAM, memory, […]

Will Developers Begin Shunning the Android Ecosystem?


*+-With news of another non-Google experience device coming later in the year to leverage Google’s own Android source code but use a different store and ecosystem, will developers continue developing for Google’s own Android platform in the future. We had reported earlier that Skyhook CEO Ted Morgan claims that a phone from a major tech […]

Why It’s Never the Right Time to Buy an Android Phone

Why It's Never the Right Time to Buy an Android Phone

*+-In a post titled “Now is the worst time ever to buy an Android phone“, BGR’s Zach Epstein outlines why right now is the worst time ever to buy a new Android smartphone. I agree with him. Right now is certainly a bad time to buy a new Android smartphone. There are only a handful […]

Fragmentation Coming to an End Under Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich


*+-Not only is Ice Cream Sandwich ushering in an era of a more refined Android experience for Google, but the latest mobile OS designed to unify smartphones and tablets will also unify the Android ecosystem. With the introduction of Ice Cream Sandwich, we may begin to see the end of fragmentation when it comes to […]

Google to Standardize Android Tablets and ARM Chips


*+-Google may not be just standardizing the experience of Android 3.0 Honeycomb on tablets, but the Android software-maker may be looking to create a standard for the ARM-based processor that is used on those tablets according to the latest reports. How Google hopes to approach this is still unclear, but developers are said to be […]

Hulu Plus Launching Soon for Select Android 2.2 Smartphones


*+-Hulu Plus, a staple of the few streaming video apps on iOS, is coming soon to select Android devices. Though a specific launch date wasn’t specified, Engadget reported that one of its readers had spotted the Hulu Plus service on a Google Samsung Nexus S smartphone, which runs Android 2.3. The image found on Hulu’s […]

SmartPhone Fragmentation: A Riddle Wrapped in an Enigma


*+-Google’s Android has been taking a rap for some time now because of fragmentation. You know fragmentation. It’s when there are multiple handsets by multiple makers, each of which has to tailor the OS to their hardware. This leads to multiple versions of the OS out there and that creates challenges for App developers who […]