Ditch Expensive (Or Spam-Filled) Hotel Wi-Fi With These Alternatives

4G Hotspot

*+-According to Hotel Chatter’s Hotel Wi-Fi report, hotels pay an average of $7,500 a year to maintain their Wi-Fi networks yet make an average profit of $200,000. Is that the sound of travelers being ripped off I hear? Yeah, it is. Instead of using hotel wireless when you travel, consider these alternatives.

Skype Offering A Free Hour Of Wi-Fi In Airports This Month

Skype Free Wi-Fi Holiday Promotion

*+-The next leg of the busy holiday travel season is about to kick off, and you know what that means: free Wi-Fi deals! In the past airlines and companies like Google and Yahoo have offered a free ride to those in need if some sweet surfing away from home, be it in airplnes, airports, or […]

SFO Getting Free Wi-Fi, Should Solve Some of My Mobile Headaches

Screen shot 2010-06-21 at 9.32.27 AM

*+-San Francisco International is finally getting free Wi-Fi, which should make traveling a little easier for me and the millions of others that pass through the airport every year. I think free (and account free) Wi-Fi should be offered at all airports in this day and age. Being able to grab an Internet connection at […]