Free Talk, Text & Data Comes to iPad with FreedomPop


FreedomPop has expanded its service to the iPad, introducing free talk, text and data for any Sprint-compatible iPad. FreedomPop has been around for several years now, and although it hasn’t gained a huge heap of popularity, it’s one of the most unique deals that you’ll find in the mobile market, offering completely free service with […]

FreedomPop Launches Free Phone Service


In an effort to take on other carriers and create a market for customers wanting the basic and minimum cell phone service, FreedomPop has launched a free VoIP-based mobile service that gives consumers 200 minutes, 500 text messages and 500MB of data every month for free. The only costs you’ll be paying are up front, […]

FreedomPop LTE Clip To Bring 4G LTE To Wi-Fi Tablets


FreedomPop will soon release a new device called the LTE Clip to bring free 4G LTE to Wi-Fi only tablets according to a Forbes report. As the name implies, the FreedomPop LTE Clip will clip on most tablets to give them access to 4G LTE. Like other FreedomPop devices, the LTE Clip will offer users 500MB of […]

FreedomPop Turns iPod Touch Into Cheap iPhone Alternative


While always having the latest and greatest smartphone is convenient, the associated cost is not one that many consumers are willing to pay. This being said there are many users who have an iPod touch or other iOS device that they would be willing to use at a lower plan cost if there was a […]