Shakeout in Wearables: Nike to Stop Making Fuelbands


CNET is reporting in an exclusive that Nike is deciding to get out of the hardware side of the supposedly burgeoning wearable fitness tracking category and stop making the Nike Fuelband. As a part of the move Nike is laying off 70% to 80% of the Fuelband team (around 55 employees). Nike plans to continue […]

LG Lifeband Touch Leaks Ahead of CES


Wearables are the next big thing, at least according to the multiple companies all jumping in the arena, and today we’re getting our first look at what we can expect early next year from LG. From Google Glass to smartwatches and fitness trackers, everyone wants to offer a wearable computing device. Paired to our smartphones […]

Nike FuelBand 2 Incoming at October 15 Event


Nike has scheduled an event for October 15 to presumably talk about its NikeFuel series, saying that it’ll be discussing “the future of the digital world and physical activity.” This most likely means that the company will announce the FuelBand 2. Rumors of a second-generation FuelBand have been around since earlier this year, where it’s rumored that […]

Nike Fuelband Android App Isn’t Happening

Nike Fuelband Android app not coming.

The Nike Fuelband Android app is not something Nike is working on anymore according to an update on the official Nike Support account on Twitter. The Nike Fuelband is a small wearable fitness tracker that looks similar to a Livestrong bracelet, although thicker and more rigid. The Fuelband tracks steps, calories burned and activity in […]

Nike Makes FuelBand Data Available for Connected Health Apps

Nike+ API

Today Nike opened its developer portal for developers to build apps on top of its Nike+ devices according to The Next Web. The Nike+ developer portal gives developers API to view user’s workout data with information including FuelPoints earned, type of exercise, duration of exercise and calories burned. The APIs will also let developers’ apps […]

Path Adds Nike+ FuelBand Support

Path Nike+ FuelBand

Path is continuing its partnership with Nike by adding support for another Nike accessory. Today Path announced that its private social network app now supports Nike’s popular Nike+ FuelBand. Users can now share their FuelBand activity and progress with their closest friends and family through the Path app. Now, FuelBand users can make sure their […]