Fujitsu limiting legacy support for Tablet PCs


German blog Tablet-Profi has spotted a change in Fujitsu’s statement of Windows 7 support that bodes poorly for some Tablet PC users. Wording has changed from “supported” to “limited support” for following Lifebooks: P1610, P1620, T4220. Full support is still true for T1010, T5010, STYLISTIC ST6012. They go on to note that the “limit” is […]

Catchup: Fujitsu Lifebook T4310 and T4410 Tablet PCs

Fujitsu Lifebook T4410 Tablet PC

This is a bit embarassing, but we seem to have missed the official launch of the T4310 and T4410 Lifebook Tablet PCs from Fujitsu. We were on the ball when they debuted at IFA, even catching the video demo, and our sister site,, delivered a wonderful summation. But we missed the launch, so I’m […]

Fujitsu Releases Windows 7 Drivers for Some Not All


Fujitsu has released Windows 7 drivers for some, but not all of its machines. Notably absent at the moment are the P1610 and P1620 Tablet PCs. Here’s hoping they will be released soon. We don’t want to start a Windows 7 Driver Held Hostage count on Fujitsu if we can help it. Via Mobility Site

Fujitsu Goes All-Out With Multi-Touch


Or for you gamblers, I suppose that should be “all in.” Regardless, Fujitsu, having already debuted multi-touch in their Tablet PCs, is following through with multi-touch desktops, another Tablet PC, and computers for an older audience, all directed to the home consumer market. Per Akihabara News, their F series all-in-one desktop is available with either […]

Fujitsu Officialifies Multi-Touch on Lifebook T5010


Mentioned briefly when they unveiled their new multi-touch Lifebook Tablet PCs at IFA 2009, Fujitsu, no doubt prompted by today’s Lenovo news, has officialized officialiated officialified announced in an official manner that multi-touch is an option on the Lifebook T5010 Tablet PC. —   NEW optional dual digitizer (active digitizer/capacitive touch) with two-finger support for […]

New Multi-Touch Fujitsu Tablet PCs with Wacom Digitizers!


Been almost eight months since Wacom demoed their multi-touch capacitive digitizer on a Tablet PC, and we’ve without updates since. Now, finally, comes word that not one but two new Tablet PCs are in the works packing Wacom multi-touch goodness. Straight out of IFA 2009, German site shows us two new convertibles from Fujitsu, […]

GBM InkShow: Motion Computing J3400 vs Fujitsu ST6012 Head to Head


You’ve all been waiting for it and here it is – a head to head video review between Motion Computing’s J3400 Tablet PC and Fujitsu’s ST6012 Tablet PC. This has to be the most indepth head to head review I’ve ever done, as I compare pens, batteries, ports, screens, bezels, how to hold the tablet […]

N-Trig + Fujitsu = More Multi-Touch

N-Trig, maker of multi-touch capacitive digitizers, and Fujitsu, maker of some of the finest Tablet PCs on the market, just announced a partnership that, and I quote, “will provide both the consumer and enterprise markets with the best pen and multi-touch computing experience.” The agreement pertains to N-Trig’s next-gen chipset, which of course is supposed […]

Fujitsu ST6012 Tablet PC Picture Gallery


Over the past week, I’ve really been enjoying the Fujitsu ST6012 Tablet PC. I’m still quite impressed by this light weight slate Tablet. Except for still feeling a little sluggish, I have not lacked for anything. From an integrated SD card slot to PC card slot to a 1280 x 800 screen, I have not […]

Fujitsu ST6012 Tablet PC Arrives, First Impressions

st6012 tablet pc

Upon returning from a trip down south, I was pleased to find a box from Fujitsu waiting patiently for me. As any geek worth his salt would do, I immediately opened it up and was pleased to find an ST6012 Tablet PC! I’ve only had the ST6012 for a couple of days, but my initial […]

Meet Fujitsu’s First Mini-Notebook / Netbook: M2010


Fujitsu has just launched their first netbook, the M2010 Mini-Notebook. The M2010 is   glossy ruby red, features 3 USB ports (as opposed to the normal 2 USB ports found in other netbooks), a 10.1” screen, a webcam, Bluetooth, sd card slot, stereo speakers, digital microphone, 90% keyboard, weighs 2.5 lbs, is expandable to 2 […]

Fujitsu Bumps the Loox U to 2gHz and the Price as Well


If you’re in the Japanese market, Fujitsu is bumping up the processor in the Loox model UMPCs (they are called the Lifebook U810 and the U2010 here in the states). There is now a 2.0GHz Atom Z550. There’s a price bump that goes with that as well as this will set you back another $380 […]

Comparing the Fujitsu P1630 and the Fujitsu P1610


If you are looking for the size and weight of a netbook but you need the power and flexibility of an Intel Core 2 Duo, there is really only one contender — the Fujitsu P1630. I’ve had the opportunity to try out the Fujitsu P1630 convertible notebook for the last few days. I love this […]

Fujitsu Adding HSUPA and EVDO Support to Notebooks and Tablet PCs

Fujitsu has just announced that they are adding broadband connectivity to a mix of their notebooks and tablet pcs. AT&T HSUPA will be coming to the T5010, T1010, P1630, and T2020 Tablet PCs. The U820 already supports HSUPA. The T5010 will be getting EVDO support. Press release below: SUNNYVALE, CA – February 3, 2009 – […]

CES 2009: Fujitsu ScanSnap S300 Mobile Scanner


For those who need to do some scanning while on the road this may be worth taking a look at. The Fujitsu ScanSnap S300 Mobile color scanner isn’t the smallest scanner in the world, but for document clarity it looks pretty darn good while it weighs in at 3.1lbs. It will power off of your […]

Truc Bui and His CES Blogging Gear

I ran in to Truc at the Sands, and got him to show me his blogging gear….the man is traveling light. He’s carrying a mobile phone, Lenovo X200 Tablet PC, and Fujitsu T2010

Fujitsu’s After Christmas Close Out Deals


Fujitsu is offering some pretty steep price drops in an after-Christmas Close Out in its Outlet Store, that features refurbished and discontinued models. It looks like you need to use a special code to access the up to $500 discount. That code is FCSCLOFFER.

GBM Week In Review

Here are just a few of the most popular posts from this past week on OS X Realtek Wireless Driver for MSI Wind Fujistu Officially Releases The ST6012 Tablet PC GBM InkShow: Fujitsu N7010 and Secondary Display Lenovo’s X200 Tablet and X200 Tablet With Touch Go Head to Head InPlay Technologies Announces New WriteSense […]