Fujistu Officially Releases The ST6012 Tablet PC


Way back in September we brought you the news that Fujitsu was cooking up a new slate Tablet PC called the ST6012.   Well it’s officially been released and available for ordering!   This new slate offers up some cool features that aren’t on other slates like an integrated camera and wireless USB.   Prices […]

Scoring My 2008 Predictions


The end of the year brings scores of predictions and posts, columns, and reports on what we’ll see in the next year. We each do predictions here at GBM. I’m gearing up for my 2009 predictions, but first here’s a look back at my 2008 predictions to see how much of a predictor I really […]

Fujitsu Offers Lifebook 4 Life Promotion


This has got to be tempting on a number of fronts if you’re a UK resident. Fujitsu UK is offering a promotion that will allow you to buy Fujitsu Lifebook S, T, E, Q, or P notebook (that includes Tablets in those classes) along with a 3-year warranty. At the end of the warranty period […]

Fujitsu Announces the Esprimo MA – Mobile Clinical Assistant

Esprimo MA

The mobile clinical assistant space is heating up, with Fujitsu throwing in their own tablet pc as an option. bjhc has all the details: Fujitsu Siemens Computers has announced the launch of the Esprimo MA, a tablet PC designed for mobile working in the healthcare sector. It is based on the Intel Mobile Clinical Assistant […]

Fujitsu Unveiling New Tablet PCs


Akihabara News is getting a look at what Fujitsu is planning for its next round of Tablet PCs and is sharing some pictures. I’m not sure what the number/naming conventions mean at this point, or how they relate to existing Fuji Tablet PCs, but what AN is showing off includes: The FMV-TB15/B, is a slate […]

GBM Podcast #62: An Inventory of the Tablet PC Space


What’s going on of late in the Tabletscape? Rob and Warner take an inventory of what we’ve seen lately (or not) from the various Tablet PC OEMs, and also discuss what we might or might not see coming up in the month’s ahead. They also spend some time talking about Rob’s issues with Dell and […]

Fujitsu Adds a Multi-Touch Trackpad


Looks like Fujitsu wants to get into the multi-touch trackpad game. The P8020 ultra-portable will have one on board so you can pinch, navigate, rotate pictures, etc… using two fingers only though, from what I’m seeing. There are buttons. You’ll have to look pretty deep under product features to see this touted on Fujitsu’s product […]

So, What Tablet PC Would I Recommend?

Since posting my article about Dell and the continual problems with N-Trig, I’ve received some inquires about what Tablet PC I would recommend instead of the Latitude XT Tablet PC. As most folks know, this is a very personal decision. There are many factors to consider: how you work, do you work while standing, power […]

Fujitsu Quietly Releases T2020 Tablet PC


I was browsing Fujitsu’s site today for updated drivers for my T2010 when I saw the T2010’s update. Fujitsu’s predictable nomenclature scheme was used and the update was aptly named the Lifebook T2020. Unfortunately, Fujitsu didn’t really do much in terms of updates and upgrades. The difference between the T2010 and the T2020 revolves around […]

Fujitsu ST6010 Tablet PC Makes an Appearance at the FCC

A couple of weeks ago, we brought you news of Fujitsu’s newest tablet pc, the ST6010 / ST6012. Well, things appear to be getting much closer to official now that it has made an appearance at the FCC, complete with pictures, owners manual, and all.   Thanks for the link, JKKMobile

AT&T Using Tablet PCs in Retail Stores

It looks like AT&T is using Fujitsu Tablet PCs in in some of its retail outlets. Looks like the P1620 to me. Via UMPC Tips   Technorati Tags: Tablet PC,Fujitsu P1620,AT&T >

Things Changing at Fujitsu?

This post is not meant in any way to be alarmist, but merely to pass on information we are seeing about one of the key Tablet PC and UMPC manufacturers we follow. It looks like there are some interesting things going on at Fujitsu on the business unit level at Fujitsu. Fujitsu looks to be […]

Tablet PC 101: Slate Tablet PCs

Many of our readers are looking to get in to a tablet pc for the very first time. As one might expect, the terrain can be a little difficult to navigate. Tablet PC 101 will be a periodic primer series focused on the basics of Tablet PCs. While this is just a primer series, I’d […]

New Fujitsu Stylistic On the Way?? The ST6012

Leave it to our forums to come up with some breaking news on a Sunday.  GBM Forum member UCDS linked up to a post that has some specs on what is being called the new Stylistic ST6012.  I find the placement of the camera a bit odd though   on the back?  How would one […]

Pictures of the Fujitsu U2010/U820

jkkmobile is at it again. He’s uncovered some pictures of the Fujitsu U2010/U820 UMPC at Buyking. These are obviously promotional photos but they sure look appetizing. Am I the only one that thinks if Fujitsu would figure out a way to get an active digitizer, or at least a hard touch digitizer on one of […]

Fujitsu Daily Fuel Mobile Videos

I found some videos on YouTube (The ones from yesterday, posted here), and it led me to the Fujitsu Daily Fuel web site.  Some interesting videos on mobile computing plus it’s a cool interactive site with some videos of Tablet PCs and UMPCs in action.

Coffee and the Fujitsu Amilo Mini

Steve “Chippy” Paine hooked up in a coffee house with Johannes from Netbux.de and got a chancet to go hands on with Fujitsu’s Netbook entry, the Amilo Mini. Check out Chippy’s hands on reporting here.     Tags: Netbook, Fujitsu+Amilo

Fujitsu Refreshes P1600 Series With P1630

Jkkmobile just reported on Fujitsu’s P1630 hitting the FCC. Initial specs look very familiar with only an upgrade in processor being the most obvious change. Here’s a breakdown of the refreshed device: 8.9 inch 1280 x 768 touch screen Intel Core2 Duo SU9400 1.4Ghz Intel GMA X4500 Up to 2GB RAM Wifi, Bt and LAN […]