Fujitsu T5010 – First Impressions and Pictures

I’ve had the T5010 now for the last week and I’ve been using it in conjunction with my T2010 for note-taking purposes. OneNote 2007 came pre-installed, so I’ve been able to stay current on my notes and to share the notes between the T5010 and T2010. After a week, I’ve had ample time to get […]

Amilo Mini Netbook Specs From Fujitsu

As Truc had posted earlier, the information about the new Fujitsu Siemens Amilo was hard to find, but now that has changed.  Lilputing (Via JKKMobile) has some specs listed on their site about Fujitsu’s upcoming netbook release.  Unfortunately, it appears that this little guy won’t be coming here to the states anytime soon…  Europe only […]

Linda Epstein Takes a Look at the Fujitsu T5010 Tablet PC

Truc Bui isn’t the only one taking a look at the new Fujitsu T5010 Tablet PC(check out his GBM Shortcut.)  Linda Epstein of also has here hands on one of the units and has offered up a first look. She’s mightily impressed with the screen quality and many of the other features. Check out […]

Fujitsu U820 – 11 Hours With Extended Battery

With all this talk about battery power, let’s have another dose of it today…  Fujitsu’s U2010, or U820 in the US, looks like it’s going to pack full day (almost) of power with an extended battery. Akihabara News is reporting that there is going to be an extended battery for this device that will let […]

GBM Shortcut: Fujitsu T5010 First Looks Video

In this edition of GBM Shortcut, I take a quick first look at Fujitsu’s new T5010. Ok, I lie – it’s a little longer than a normal Shortcut. Allegiance Technology Partners sent us the review unit and I have had it in my possession for the last two days. The first day was spent setting […]

When Technology Fails…

Today I had one of those heart-stopping technology moments. I went to boot my trusty Fujitsu P1610 and it bluescreened. No biggie – that happens. Then I rebooted. It didn’t even get through the first Windows splashscreen with the progress bar. Another bluescreen. Didn’t work in safe mode, reset with removing the battery, nothing. I […]

Hands On With the Fujitsu Lifebook U2010

Those interested in Fujitsu’s new Lifebook U2010 might want to start following UMPC Fever. Joe has his hands on the device and is starting to issue reports and post pictures.   Tags: Fujitsu+U2010

Pics and Specs on Fujitsu’s LifeBook U2010

Engadget is linking toa Vietnamese forum chocked full of pictures of Fujtisu’s Lifebook U2010. It also contains a range of specs that look very familiar these days: Atom at 1.6GHz 5.6 inch display convertible display 1024×768 resolution 80GB HD 1GB of RAM 3G GPS WiFi, Bluetooth Weighs about 1.5lbs Speculation on price is around $1300, […]

Expecting Tablet PC Refreshes With Centrino 2?

Now that Intel has released the Centrino 2 platform, I’m expecting to see a series of new and refreshed devices coming down the pike. Fujitsu’s T5010, which we learned about courtesy of Virginia Tech, is now starting to get talked about openly, at least on Aving. Also on Aving, it looks like HP is refreshing […]

Fujitsu Unleashes Agglomeration of Centrino 2 Powered Notebooks

Fujitsu has announced today the availability of Centrino 2 processors for their LifeBook line of laptop computers. Heading the charge is Fujitsu’s long-awaited update for the T4220, which finds life as the T5010, and the all new T1010 budget tablet. Details have been released for the top-of-the-line and entry-level tablets with both having the latest […]

Fujitsu Introduces Color E-reader

Fujitsu’s Frontech subsidiary announced plans to release a color e-paper e-reader this fall. The $940 A4-sized FLEPia will have a color non-backlit display, wireless download capabilities, and offer around 50 hours of operation on a single charge. Unfortunately, there is no word on availability of the FLEPia outside of Japan. Via CrunchGear Technorati Tags: E-reader,Fujitsu,Color […]

First Looks: Fujitsu T1010 Gets Hands-On Mini Review

Fujitsu is expanding its tablet line with the T1010 (see page 36). Announced at the same time as the T5010 that is to replace the venerable T4220, the T1010 serves as Fujitsu’s budget tablet and is available now. Main features of the 5.2 pound tablet reviewed include the latest Centrino 2 processor, Windows Vista Home […]

Fujitsu Siemens Expected To Release Amilo Netbook Amid Joint Venture Uncertainty

Liliputing reports that Fujitsu is jumping onto the Netbook bandwagon soon with the release of an 8.9" screen notebook. Details are scarce on the specifics, but price is expected to be between $475-$650. From the pictures, it seems to be running Windows OS. Fujitsu has made ultraportables for as long as I can remember, but […]

Fujitsu Dismisses Flash Memory Performance, Reliability; Favors HDD Over SSD

Longtime GBM forum member and community participant Gavin Miller has just sent this intriguing article from Computerworld who interviewed Joel Hagberg, Fujitsu’s Vice President of business development. In the face of stiffening competition in the SSD market and with prices dropping and capacity increasing across the board for SSD, Fujitsu has chimed in with reasons […]

Help a Tableteer in the Quest for Best Drivers

Drivers. With Vista that has almost become a dirty word. Frank “CTitanic” Garcia is one who has tracked down more drivers than I ever knew existed, so when he puts out a call for help, you know it is a desparate situation. Proving that the latest driver isn’t always the best, he’s run into some issues […]

Breaking: Fujitsu T5010 Tablet PC Specs, Picture Get Outed

The Virginia Tech University bookstore has Fujitu’s newest Tablet PC posted: the T5010 Tablet PC. This is the T4220’s successor. The specs look quite interesting, sporting a 13.3" WXGA LED backlit screen and built-in camera. The T4220 (previous model) has a 12" screen with a SXGA, so there is an obvious change there. The processor […]

Fujitsu Tablet PC Sale For Grads and Dads

Fujitsu is rolling out the red carpet for dads and grads, featuring $100 off their tablet pcs: T2010, U810, and the T4220. Use coupon code GRADSGIFTS. Offer expires June 16th.

Fujitsu Continues With The Storm Trooper Theme

Remember the Storm Trooper? No, not from the movie, but the Fujitsu U1010/U810 UMPCs that had that black and white color scheme that prompted us to beg Fujitsu to call it the Storm Trooper, and then the Darth Vader, when it morphed into all black? Well, it looks like Fujitsu is continuing down that Star […]

Triple Booting Mac OS X, Vista, and Linux Ubuntu on a Fujitsu U810

We have some of the most talented forum members. TechnoGeekChris has been posting in our forums about how he got his Fujitsu U810 UMPC triple booting into Mac OS X, Vista, and Linux Ubuntu. Read the details here and watch the video below:   >> >   Thanks for the mention, Matt!

Fujitsu Announces Atom Based UMPC

Fujitsu isn’t giving up on the UMPC market, having just announced a new model. The U2010 is aimed a the higher end of the market with a price estimated at $1295 and is scheduled for a July launch in Taiwan. A difference from previous models is that it will have a 6–row keyboad instead of five. […]