Fusion Garage Ends The Saga Owing $40 Million to Creditors

Fusion Garage Grid10 tablet

Well, let’s just say we more than saw this coming. Fusion Garage of the Crunchpad/Joo Joo Tablet/Grid 10 Tablet has certainly had one of the most tumultuous journeys one can imagine trying to compete in the Great Tablet race. Coming out of the legal and PR mess that was the Crunchpad and then failing with […]

What To Do With Our Grid10 Tablet?

Fusion Garage Grid10 Back

As you may have heard this weekend, it looks like Fusion Garage is on its last legs. Not only have many who ordered the Grid10 tablet not received the product, but the company has been so completely uncommunicative that folks are starting to abandon ship. To start, the PR firm representing them said that they […]

Bad Joo Joo: Fusion Garage Goes Off the Grid PR Team to Quit

Fusion Garage Grid10 tablet

The saga of Fusion Garage looks like it may have come to an unfortunate end. According to a report on The Verge, founder Chandra Rathakrishnan has been uncommunicative for a period of time, customers can’t get any responses from a dead website, and the US PR firm representing Fusion Garage is pulling the plug on […]

Fusion Garage Grid10 Review – Second Time’s The Charm? Not Quite

Fusion Garage Grid10 Tablet

Fusion Garage’s $299 Grid10 is an interesting entrant into the tablet milieu. In a market dominated by Apple and, to a lesser extent, Android, it takes a lot of chutzpah to introduce a product that runs on neither. Especially if you’re a small company like Fusion Garage. Larger companies have tried and failed. The Singapore-based […]

Who Is TabCo? Fusion Garage. Their Amazing New Tablet? The Grid 10.

Fusion Garage Grid10

The answer to “Who is TabCo?” finally got an answer today, though it may not be the one anybody wanted. TabCo is actually just Fusion Garage. You know, the JooJoo people. Their new tablet is called the Grid 10, not the JooJoo 2. Acknowledging that no one would have paid attention to or taken them […]

FusionGarage Readies JooJoo’s Android Successor Through the FCC


FusionGarage, the maker of the JooJoo tablet after a public dispute with TechCrunch over the CrunchPad partnership, may be readying an Android successor to its original web-based proprietary tablet. A schematic of the device is seen going through the FCC for regulatory approval, and the rendering shows a ‘Grid 10′ name on the rear side […]

Top 20 Tech Stories of 2010: The Good, the Bad, and Some Ugly


It’s list making time. And here is my list for the biggest stories in 2010. There are 20 stories here, some good, some bad, and some ugly. But these are the stories that I think 2010 will be remembered for, or rather those behind the stories will be remembered for. Later this week, I’ll have […]

JooJoo Maker Looks To Try Again


FusionGarage, the company that created a lot of fuss and quite a bit of unintentional entertainment with its JooJoo Tablet, also previously known as the TechCrunch Tablet, looks to be following that old maxim, “if at first you don’t succeed….” Well, you know the rest. On the company blog, called good joojoo, (I’m not making […]

JooJoo Tablet Woes Continue


The JooJoo Tablet delivery schedule seems to have suffered from some delays in addition to taking some hits on the legal PR front. Brought into existence with all sorts of controversy surrounding it, FusionGarage appears to be trying hard to get those pre-ordered JooJoo Tablets in users hands. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like they have […]

Bad JooJoo: The Other Side of the Crunchpad Saga Speaks and It Gets Weirder


Well,  the Internet Tablet formerly known as the Crunchpad is now heading to market powered only by Fusion Garage, the company that Michael Arrington’s TechCrunch was partnering with. In a press conference today, Fusion Garage CEO Chandra Rathakrishnan tried to make clear his vision of why the split happened and also pump up the noise […]