SCOTTEVEST Hidden Cargo Pants Review

Screen Shot 2012-05-18 at 7.16.40 PM

The SCOTTEVEST Hidden Cargo pants may just be the perfect pants for geeks. They look pretty similar to khakis sold by mainstream brands, but have 10┬ápockets and compartments, which means you can pack several mobile devices without having to endure the indignity of wearing a man purse. I’ve worn SCOTTEVEST gear for the past five […]

Gearing up to Rally for Sanity


Finally, after more than a decade of living near Washington DC, someone’s holding a rally with a message I can get behind. Sure, I’ve attended rallies in the past, but that was primarily for the experience. This time I actually care, and I’m prepping my gear to show it.

What’s in your gadget bag?


I will tell you what’s in my bag. Xavier is making me do it too. No, not really, but it’s always fun to show off what you carry and how you carry it. This bag is my go to bag, but it’s not what I typically carry to trade shows like CES and CTIA. I […]

CES 2010: FlipCase lets you type on the go


Walked past their booth and couldn’t resist hearing their pitch. Yes, it reminds me of a food vendor at a sporting event handing out ‘dogs and pretzels from trays strapped to their bodies, but I saw plenty of guys here trying to work while standing with laptops unfolded. Obviously, there’s a need for this product. […]

What’s In My Gadget Bag InkShow

Well this started out as a simple InkShow answer to James Kendrick’s question that he asks frequently, What’s In Your Gadget Bag? But once my wife got involved it turned into, well, you’ll see for yourself. So, have fun, come along for the trip as I answer the question, What’s In My Gadget Bag? Watch the […]